Scratch Away: 4 Tips to Reduce and Prevent Beard Itch

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Whether you're new to the beard-growing train or have been a veteran beard grower, you know the discomfort that is beard itch. Men dream of growing the most luscious and stunning beards, but many of us fail to keep it up as beard itch leaves us with no choice but to cut them off in an attempt to find relief.

Fortunately, beard itch isn't a problem that's forever there. While it may deter many men from growing a beard, those who persevere are greeted with various ways to overcome them! If you are still trying to grow your beard and need to know what can be done to stop beard itch, you're in luck! 

We're going to share with you a few tips on how you can reduce and prevent beard itch:

Remove Ingrown Hair

While beard growing is all about, well, growing more hair around your facial area, there will be moments that you need to shave it to keep things tidy. Unfortunately, the act of shaving itself can lead to what is called ingrown hairs, and these ingrown hairs can cause massive irritation. 

If you are dealing with any ingrown hairs, you will need to use tweezers to remove them. Once the hair is removed, expect a bump to be left in its left. It will disappear within a few days, and the irritation should also disappear along with it.

Brush the Beard Often

For the first few weeks of your beard-growing efforts, it is vital to have a brush or comb near you. This is because when your skin does start to itch, you should scratch it with a brush or comb. 

Using your fingers will only lead to acne, thereby worsening the problem. Also, with a brush or comb, you can keep your beard tangle-free, and it can also help spread beard oil more evenly.

Use Beard Oil and Balm

One significant cause of itchy and irritating beards is that the beard hairs themselves can dry and frizzle out. Dry hair is not something your skin ever wants to deal with, let alone feel. The harsh and scratchy dry hair will do nothing more than irritate the skin. 

To solve this problem, it is crucial to apply beard oil and balm to keep the hairs soft and moist. This will also help to moisturize the skin beneath, solving problems like flaking.

Only Use Natural Products

Whatever products you decide to use on your beard, the intelligent thing to do is use products that utilize natural ingredients. Artificial ingredients generally come with side effects that can affect our skin negatively, although not artificial ingredients will do that. 

As such, when picking out products for the beard, try and look for ones that feature primarily natural ingredients. They will help create an itch-free beard-growing experience, keeping you happy on the road to a luscious beard.


Follow the tips above, and you'll be controlling, reducing, and possibly eliminating itchy beards during your beard-growing efforts! That said, take your time every day to clean your beard thoroughly and moisturize them. The cleaner they are, the less likely the skin below will be irritated, and the less likely other issues like acne will occur that can further worsen irritation and itching. 

Remind yourself that the road to growing a beard isn't an easy one, but with enough commitment and care, it won't be as challenging as you may think!

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