Let’s Face It: What Beard Style Matches Your Face Shape

Let’s Face It: What Beard Style Matches Your Face Shape

  • By - Sphinx Beard

If you believe in the power of angles and symmetry, welcome to the club! For most men, their beard is their crowning glory, so make sure to add the following tips to your long list of beauty regimens on maintaining a perfect face.  

So prepare to retool your beard care kit and face your problem. Are you ready to shave it off?

Face Shapes And Beard Styles

#1 The Perfect Shape: Oval

Let us get to the main idea. Among all face shapes, the oval is said to be the most pleasing. This is because the oval is always in a good balance between short and long, wide and narrow. A face with an oval shape does not deal with any sharp angles. 

The oval shape becomes the parameter among all other face shapes that will determine how guys like you will grow their beards to even them with your face. In other words, strive to get an oval-shaped face and beard.

#2: Diamond

Facial Features: Your cheeks are pretty broad with this face, and your forehead and jaw are narrow.

Best Beard Style: Your beard should have short sides, with the bottom growing long. You can also try growing your chin hair shorter than the bottom since your cheeks extend sharply toward your chin. If you want to save your beard without trimming it, you can still mirror it to your face shape using beard wax.

#3: Round

Facial Features: Your face is likely to have the same width and length and a round jawline and chin

Best Beard Style: The best beard style for a round face is a long one. This is because the beard will elongate your already round face. Try to have the sides of your beard short while the chin hair grows long.

#4: Triangle

Facial Features: This face shape has a narrower forehead and a wider jaw. This can be problematic for your beard as it grows in the chin part where you are most sharp.

Best Beard Style: A beard style that would match a triangular face is a short one. You can keep it short by either having it cropped or growing it long with short sides before shaping it inward. This way, your face and your beard achieve an oval look. The problem with the latter choice is that it is harder to do, but it is worth trying.

#5: Oblong/Rectangular

Facial Features: The lower half of your face is longer than the top, with your forehead as the broadest part of your face. The rest of your face is rounded and soft.

Best Beard Style: Since you have a narrow face, it is best to sport a beard with short bottom and long sides, adding width to your face. Avoid growing a long, thin beard as it blows things out of proportion.

#6: Square

Facial Features: has minimal curves and is similar to a round face except that it has a wide jawline.

Best Beard Style: Growing a long, narrow beard is best as it adds length to your face. It would be best if you also shaped your beard as it grows since your face is angular. You can shape it into an oval one when it grows even more.


Let’s face it—your face shape determines your beard style. Appreciating your face shape means caring for your facial features, including your beards. Shape your beard in proportion to your face and achieve the glow that you want.

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