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Beard Pomade: How and Why Is It Good for Beard Health

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Beards have come a long way, from the cavemen who used them for cold weather protection to the modern and well-maintained rugged individual. They have become iconic features of masculinity. And it is only in the most recent decades that we’ve rediscovered real beard care. You can use beard butter, beard oil, beard conditioner, shampoo, and beard pomade.

While most men think pomades are for hair only, they are also a staple in beard management. Check out its features in this article to see why it’s an excellent addition to your beard care kit.

Beard Pomade Benefits

We have two types of beard pomade: petroleum-based and water-based. Each comes with its strengths and limitations. Petroleum-based pomade is waxy in appearance. It is also the most common pomade type. They last longer on your beard and stays even after washing. Its wax-like consistency gives it a stronger and longer-lasting hold.

Water-based pomade is similar in hold but doesn’t last long as it dries out sooner. Unlike petroleum-made pomade, you need more of it for extra hold when it dries out. But unlike its oil-based counterpart, water-based pomade rarely causes rashes or breakouts on beard skin. Both versions have their uses and contribute to better beard grooming.

Healthier, Manlier Beards

Using beard pomade is one of the valuable tools for optimum beard health. The pomade covers the beard with an extra layer of protection, perfect for different weather conditions, from extreme dry heat to colder winters. This layer of pomade keeps hair healthy, preventing split ends and breakage. Meanwhile, its stronger hold makes it great for various styling and shaping steps.

It also prevents beard dandruff by keeping your beard skin moisturized. Beard skin may not have enough sebum or skin oil to keep skin and beard moisturized, and pomades can fix this issue. 

How to Use Beard Pomade Properly

It is preferable to wash your beard before and after with a beard-friendly shampoo or conditioner. Sebum will stay on the skin and hair for extra health. Before sleeping, you can wash it out to prevent possible rashes.

Unlike water-based pomades, the petroleum-based version only needs a small amount—about the size of a coin will do. It can give a firmer hold because of its wax-like properties. Larger and thicker beards below the neck may need a little more.

Start applying the pomade from your neck below the chin to ensure it covers the skin area. Massage it around the beard from the chin up to the jawline, cheek areas, and on your mustache. Spread it evenly around these areas to make sure the beard and underlying beard skin are covered.

Use your pomade once or twice a day, depending on dryness levels and the length and thickness of your beard.

Final Thoughts

Beards today are more majestic, healthy, and full-bodied, thanks to the best beard care products available. Beard care is specific and exacting. It is only right that we evolve our grooming techniques as beauty standards evolve to appreciate the magnificent beard more and more.

This kind of commitment to better health and beard grooming has been brought to you by Sphinx Beard, your trusted good beard proponents, and good beard products providers. Contact us now for the best beard products with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. 

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