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From half-way across the world in Cairo, Egypt after generations of providing men locally with it's organic and high quality products, Sphinx beard has now gone global to be offered to the men that truly care about their beard. Using the highest quality ingredients like Egyptian Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil from Morocco and Indian Castor Oil, Sphinx strives to provide with the utmost complete beard care products that nourish a man's skin and beard like no other. Made without any synthetic ingredients that can harm your skin, we take pride in the quality of products we offer. Our products come scented with a very close resemblance of some of the most famous fragrance brands, as well as original fragrances we create ourselves. The new generation of Sphinx has proven to be a game changer to the original beard care. Who said that beard products had to smell all the same? Stay smelling great and quench your face's thirst my friends...

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Incredible Fragrances!

I purchased a sample pack before making a beard oil and butter purchase. EVERY scent is incredible! So if I was to complain it would be because it’s hard to make a choice! But I did. Ordered Ancient Kingdom this time around and next time will most likely be Smolder! Will also be ordering another sample pack of different scents.

Joe Sorrento

Decisions, decisions

From someone who loves to try new brands all the time, Sphinx definitely knows what they're doing. Hardest part will be deciding what scent to commit to. Cologne strength smell that work great too. Curse of Anubis is #1 for now.

Angel Torres

Loving the samples

Honestly when I ordered the sample pack I thought I'd maybe like two scents. After reading through and selecting scents I thought I would like. I find myself struggling to pick my favorite as I love them all. I highly suggest the sample pack to anyone wanting to try out sphinx beard oil.

Joe M.

Glorious scent and feeling

I love this product (and company) so much! The smell of this specific product (oil, butter and beard balm) are phenomenal (along with the others I have). Such a fresh and sweet smell but not an overpowering one. The description of this product is what sold me and whoever wrote it is completely right. Right out of the box, I was blown away by it. I used it after a good shower and beard wash and it made me feel powerful and I smelled great! My fiancé loves the smell and it lasts all day long. I have replaced all my old beard oils, balms, and butters with products from this company and don't regret it.

Jaime T.


My son is very picky about scent. We always bought this oil through a different retailer until they stopped carrying it. Thankfully, we found it online because he said it’s quite irresistible to the ladies! Plus, it’s moisturizing without being greasy. Subtle enough so the ladies have to lean in closer to get a good sniff. Highly recommend!

Mike eden

Didn’t know what to expect...

I’m sooo happy with this purchase. I took a chance seeing that you were using the Kaizen soap from a favourite soap artisan of mine. I’m glad I did because the scent is fantastic (first and only wife approved). The soap performance and post shave are excellent and exactly what’s expected from Kaizen. Really excellent soap.

Marko M.

Phenomenal scent!

This cherry scented beard butter is amazing. It’s a strong scent but mellows out a few hours after you put it on but it will literally last until the next day. Very pleasing and masculine and I’m very happy with my purchase.

David F.

Best Scents I've Found

I have been on a long and expensive search for "the best scent" or "my signature scent." This sample pack gave me a great sample of their products. The samples were large enough to do multiple applications. The scents are wonderful! The scents are multiple levels above the other beard oils that I have tried. No exaggeration...These scents are master perfumer level while other scents are basic plain scents of one or two essential oils. Sphinx beard oil has the best scents!

John K.

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