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A Simple Guide on How to Grow Your Beard Out Naturally Pt. 2

  • By - Sphinx Beard

A grooming kit is your best friend in the quest to achieve the perfect beard. A beard grooming kit is a collection of tools to care for and style your facial hair. While any shaving kit may be used to groom your beard, some kits are specifically designed for that purpose and are worth the extra cash.

When choosing a beard grooming kit, you should look for one that comes with a mix of grooming implements. While the basic tools for beard grooming are your trusty beard trimmer, scissors, and a mirror, some kits also come with combs, grooming oils, and more. A beard kit is a man’s essential grooming kit.

In part one of this guide, we explored some essential things and habits you need to grow a beard naturally. In part two, we will look closely at beard kits—what you need to have in them.

Here's what you need to know:

Beard Growth Supplement

Beard growth supplements are essential for beard grooming. Whether a newbie is still growing his beard or an experienced beard grower, a good beard growth supplement will help you achieve your goals.

These supplements are available in a wide range of products. But not all of them are good for your beard growth. For example, some companies sell them as pills, and others in a spray. There is evidence that pills are more efficient compared to sprays. However, sprays are convenient and can be applied to the beard.

Beard Trimmer

You can choose from both electric and non-electric beard trimmers. While non-electric is more affordable, they need to be manually operated. If you are new to the bearded world and haven’t decided to grow a beard, then a non-electric beard trimmer is for you.

Electric beard trimmers are more convenient and easier to use. This is because they are powered by AA batteries and are self-adjusting. Most importantly, they are much faster to use. If you decide to grow a beard, don’t wait until you have a few days’ worth of growth. You should start grooming and shaping the beard early to avoid the risk of ingrown hairs and irritations.

Beard Scissors

Beard scissors are necessary to keep your beard hair perfectly trimmed. You will need scissors to shorten the length of your beard and cut the edges to shape it. For example, if you want a full beard, you will have to use your beard scissors to trim the length of your beard.

These are also great for general trimming. For example, if you have a mustache, you can trim it with a pair of beard scissors.

A beard kit without a pair of scissors is like a car without brakes. You need it to clip your beard and keep it looking sharp.

Beard Comb and Oil

The beard comb is an essential grooming tool for your beard. If you want your beard to look neat and tidy, you will need a beard comb. Combs are not all the same. Some combs are used on dry skin, while others are made for wet grooming. If your beard is wet, then you should use a comb that is made for wet hair.

Whereas combs are mainly for styling and grooming, beard oils care for your beard. Beard oil moisturizes your hair, prevents the beards from drying, and helps keep the beard soft.

Beard oil is also used as a leave-in conditioner. This is because it helps the beard stay healthy and soft while also making it strong and thick.

The Bottom Line

If you want to grow a beard or maintain one, you will need the right tools and products. Whether for styling or caring for your beard, you need the right tools. With a beard kit, you can trim and shape your beard, keeping it looking sharp.

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