5 Key Reasons Why Stubbles Deserve Some Beard Oil Too

  • By - Sphinx Beard

So you've decided to grow stubble. Is it really necessary to apply beard oil? Isn't beard oil just for men with long, luxuriant beards who resemble Vikings?

The answer is simple: apply beard oil, even if you have stubble. The major reason to use beard oil when developing stubble is to keep your beard and face moisturized. The itching will be reduced, and your beard will feel softer overall. You'll also smell wonderful!

Whether you want to grow a full beard or keep your stubble, here are five reasons why everyone with facial hair should use beard oil.

1. Make Your Beard More Kissable

We've all made a mistake — you kiss someone and realize your face is covered in stubble, and you now have a patch of red on your lover's mouth. The products in your beard oil will help to make your beard softer and more kissable. This means you can kiss your rough beard goodbye, and say hello to more kisses from your special lady.

2. Moisturize Your Skin and Reduce Itching

Beard oil will moisturize the skin underneath your beard and reduce Itching. It's especially important to do this when you're still growing your stubble.

Keep in mind that if you've shaved for a long time, you might have a lot of dead skin cells and dirt that have built up on your face and in your beard. The beard hair isn't necessarily dirty, but there can be a lot of dead skin cells in your beard, especially if you have dry skin, just like the hair on your head.

Using beard oil will help you get rid of those dead skin cells, reduce Itching, and keep your skin healthy to grow a thicker, healthier beard.

3. Eliminate Beardruff

Beardruff is dandruff that happens underneath your beard, and it's very common. If you're already growing a beard, chances are you've dealt with it.

One of the main causes of beardruff is the skin drying out underneath your beard. If you don't use beard oil, the skin in your beard can become dry and flaky.

That's because the skin in your beard doesn't get as much blood flow as the skin on your face. Getting rid of dead skin cells and keeping your skin hydrated ensures that your facial skin receives more oxygen and nutrients, which helps your beard grow thicker and faster.

4. Grow a Thicker Beard

Beard oil contains various ingredients that can help you grow a thicker beard.

The most important ingredients, in regards to growing a thicker beard, are:

  • Oils, from plants like jojoba and argan
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Essential oils

Each of these ingredients can help you grow a thicker beard.

For example, jojoba and argan oil can help your beard grow thicker by moisturizing and adding more nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, and essential oils can help your beard grow more quickly, by nourishing the facial hair, skin, and beard follicles.

5. Add a Great Scent to Your Manly Stubble

Beard oil comes in a variety of scents and smells. The scent will often depend on the ingredients used in a particular beard oil, which is why we recommend reading the ingredients list of any oil you're interested in.

When growing stubble, most men like the smell of sandalwood, cinnamon, and other woodsy scents. If you use beard oil with these types of ingredients, you'll smell great, and your friends will admire your manly stubble.


If you have ever been growing your beard, you'll notice it will become itchier. That's because beard hair is coarser than other hair on the body, and it doesn't get as many nutrients and oils. This can lead to beardruff and skin irritation.

Beard oil is the best solution to this problem. It's the perfect answer that helps your facial hair, skin, and beard follicles.

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