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Men’s Beard Care: How Often Must a Man Wash Their Beard?

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You all know it is crucial to wash your face at least once a day, right? However, people with prominent facial whiskers should ask another question: how often should they wash their beards?

The long and short of it is this—you’ll want to wash your beard between one and three times a week.

However, the frequency of men's beard care will depend on the texture of your beard hair and your skin type, among other factors. At least, you’ll need a good beard shampoo. There are a few additional products that can improve your appearance, though. Here’s what you need to know about proper men’s beard care.

Why Men’s Beard Care Is Crucial

While almost everyone has a beard, you probably have more hair on your face than most people do. A cleanser designed to clean other parts of your body may not reach the skin beneath your beard, where dirt, dandruff, and bits of last week’s lunch (sorry, not sorry) may have gotten trapped. Combined with your beard hair’s tendency to keep away any soap or conditioner meant for other parts of your body, you may have dry, oily, or irritated skin underneath your facial hair. This can be uncomfortable.

Your best bet is to practice proper men’s beard care by washing it regularly to make the skin beneath the scruff healthy and comfortable. After all, this is similar to washing your hair regularly; you're healthier and can groom yourself more easily!

The Right Time for Men’s Beard Care

While every beard is different, the basic things about men’s beard care remain the same:

  • Skin type: Some people naturally produce less oil, leaving their skin dry and flaky, while others produce too much, causing their skin to appear oily and causing breakouts. Some people have a combination of the two conditions across their skin. Generally, the oilier your skin is, the more often you should clean it.
  • Hair type: Some people are blessed with hair that grows fast and thick on their heads and faces. This means they don't have to wash as often because their beards brush against their collars instead of pulling out greasy clumps of hair.
  • Weather: Some climates are drier or colder than others in many places worldwide. The lack of air moisture means that skin and hair don't produce as much oil, making them less likely to become oily or suffer from breakouts.

On the other hand, some climates are very warm or humid, which can cause sweat glands to produce an excess of oil that clogs pores and makes beards look dirty and greasy even after a wash.

  • Lifestyle: Your physical activity will also inform your men’s beard care. You might need to cleanse more if you're a construction worker or gymgoer.

Correctly Applying Men’s Beard Care

Here’s how you maintain your facial mane:

  • Clean it thoroughly. Run water or a beard shampoo through the beard to clean it thoroughly. Be sure to get all the way down to the skin.
  • Condition it. Use a conditioner to ensure your beard is soft and healthy. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse the excess before you’re done.
  • Dry and comb it. Dry your beard entirely and brush it through with a dedicated beard comb to ensure that the fibers are straight.


Experimenting and trying new things to find your ideal care setup is a good idea. And you may want to ask your stylist for suggestions the next time you go in for a regular haircut or trim. Your beard is something you should care for and take pride in. You should also wash it regularly, use the right products, and develop a routine to keep it healthy!

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