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Do You Really Need Aftershave after You, Uh, Shave? Read On

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There’s nothing to do once you’ve trimmed your facial whiskers, right? You’re clean and groomed, so you’re done! Doing anything else after shaving doesn’t even cross your mind, so hearing the word aftershave may just puzzle you for a moment. However, there’s more to these beard products than their name. It’s an essential part of men’s hygiene, which we’ll explore in today’s article.

Something After the Shave

Aftershaves are beard products containing a liquid or oily substance that you apply to soothe your skin after shaving. It can have various ingredients that determine what the aftershave does for your skin and whether or not you will like it.

The traditional alcohol-based aftershave splashes disinfect the shaved area, but some gels or oils will alleviate the irritation from shaving and keep your skin hydrated.

The Benefits

But you ask, Isn’t shaving cream enough? Doesn’t it have the same ingredients for good beard health? Yeah, not quite, my friend. These beard products are specially formulated to address the following concerns and impart some interesting benefits:

  • Protection from infection: Shaving can damage the top layer of skin, exposing it to bacteria. Tiny cuts form when you try to cut very close to the skin, and friction causes these little cuts.

Aftershaves disinfect and soothe the shaven area to prevent infection. They are made with alcohol, but alcohol-based beard products can cause poisoning or dry the skin when used for extended periods. Instead, look for aftershaves that contain witch hazel and tea tree oil. These plant-based compounds have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal the skin after shaving.

  • Pore tightening: Red bumps after shaving are also known as folliculitis. This happens when hair follicles become irritated during shaving, and the pores remain open after shaving, allowing bacteria, fungi, or other chemicals to infect the area. 

After a while, the astringent quality of the aftershave also constricts your blood vessels, reducing inflammation and pain.

  • Soothing and moisturized skin: Your skin can become itchy after shaving, caused by inflammation. An aftershave with anti-inflammatory properties can reduce this irritation. It should also keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and healthy.

Using These Beard Products Properly

Now that we have covered what aftershave is for let us learn how to use it correctly.

  • Complete your shaving routine. 
  • Wash your face or the shaved area with cold water. Pat the shaved area with a clean towel to remove excess water, making sure not to rub the towel on the skin. 
  • Apply a small amount of your choice of aftershave. 
  • Rub it in a circular motion between both hands to spread it evenly. 
  • Apply the aftershave gently to the shaved area. Leave it in until your next bath, shower, or shave.
  • If you are using an aftershave balm, scoop a fingertip-sized amount onto your fingertips and rub it in a circular motion between both hands to spread it evenly. Apply the cream gently to the shaved area. Leave it in until your next bath, shower, or shave.
  • Don’t massage on too much balm or moisturizer if using a splash, as alcohol in your aftershave can dry out your skin.

Buy the Best Beard Products Now

Every time you shave, you’re subjecting your skin to light abrasions that may cause unlikely damage or bleeding. Aftershave protects and prevents these minor wounds from worsening while moisturizing your skin so a brand new beard can grow back soon. Always get non-alcoholic beard products to keep skin supple and firm!

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