5 Trending Beard Styles That You Should Try for Yourself

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Do beards still belong in 2022? Of course, they do. So, whether you’re a first-timer who wants to grow a beard or a grizzled vet with long beard experience, we’ve compiled our 22 favorite bearded looks for 2022 to help you choose the style that makes you feel the most like a beacon of bearded excellence.

Before you choose your look, do you know which type of bearded man you are? We have some suggestions.

1) 5 O'Clock Shadow

The 5 o’clock shadow is a great beard for first-timers because it requires very little commitment. It’s also a stellar go-to look for the man who doesn’t have a lot of time. It’s low maintenance and looks great with a t-shirt or suit.

Your 5 o'clock shadow is really just a very short beard. You can try a 5 o’clock shadow by growing out your mustache first and then trimming it down. Your neck and cheeks should be clean-shaven as well.

2) Faded Beard

Faded beards are a great option for the busy man who doesn’t have time to shave. The faded beard, in the name, means that the beard starts with a full beard on the cheeks before graduating to a goatee.

Another cool thing about the fading beard is that you can use beard oil or mustache wax to keep the hairs in the center of your beard longer than the hairs on the edges of your beard, which will give it a cool look.

As you get down to the goatee, use a mustache trimmer or razor to cut the goatee into a fun shape.

3) Power Beard

If you’re a big guy with a big beard, then the power beard is by far the manliest hairstyle you can ever grow.

A power beard is also a great option for guys who want to show off their masculinity.

It’s a long, full beard that starts at the cheeks and grows down to the neck. It’s a full beard that’s not too long to be a full beard and not too short to be stubble or neckbeard.

4) Beardstache

The beardstache is a combination of a beard and mustache, which is also a great option for guys with thick facial hair. The beardstache is a great style for summer, because it’s not as hot as a full beard.

If you don’t have the full facial hair to grow a full beard but want to show off your manliness, then the beardstache is a great option.

5) Spade-Shaped Power Beard

The spade-shaped power beard is a full beard that is shaped like a spade, because of the change in hair growth in the cheeks.

There is a large amount of hair right below the beard in the cheeks and then it gets much thinner below the mouth. This type of beard is both stylish and masculine.


Whichever hairstyle you choose, make sure you take good care of your beard. Use beard oil and beard balm to keep it healthy and moisturized, as well as use a conditioner to keep it soft.

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