Modern Men’s Grooming: A Guide to Beards and Employment

  • By - Sphinx Beard

In 2021, many people couldn’t care less about even making it an issue. After all, your skills and experience are going to do the job and not the beard. Your boss may even have a much better-maintained beard than you.

Still, we at Sphinx Beard are highly qualified to offer beard advice for those about to be employed, aside from the best beard products in the market. With that, take a minute to read some best practices on employment and having a beard hand in hand.

Pre-employment: Concerned About Beards?

If you’re still playing it safe, by all means, do some research first to know if your future company practices beard censorship in this day and age. Their online presence will already give you a good idea of what to expect. 

Check out the company website, their social media accounts, and their LinkedIn pages. Their publicity and PR channels should give you an overview of your concerns. The more bearded higher personnel they have, the more sure signs are there to ease your worries.

The nature of the work or business may dictate certain rules and regulations. These factors will include work for the restaurant and fast food business, facing business clients, or work conditions that may make it more difficult or uncomfortable, such as wearing whole headgear and work masks all day.

Even then, you’ll probably find that most situations don’t require shaving your beard, although some minor beard grooming is needed. Most employees already practice the right level of grooming and beard care, so this should be pretty easy.

Beard Check: Work-Level Beards

There’s no such thing as work-level beards unless it’s for real, high-level beard requirements, like working as a Gandalf, Hagrid, or a ZZ Top impersonator. In some jobs, they are even required, such as the bearded brewmaster John Maier (not the Mayer of Sob Rock fame) of Rogue Ales, who brews his beer from yeast made from his beard hair. But in general, well-groomed beards that don’t go awry and get in the way of your work should be fine.

Strict beard-carrying terms are not the most common regulations at work unless specific, laid-out terms appear on their websites and their work application rules. In general, the real concern could be loose frizzy hair and falling hair, which are from unhealthy beards. Fortunately, men's beard care is more comprehensive today, and you’ll have a wide range of beard products to use for maximum beard health and appearance.

In the end, your only option to shave or, at the least, trim your beard will be in extreme situations when it’s required to get the job. You’ll find that facial hair of all types exists in many industries today. And at the very least, good beard grooming is already the best maintenance for all general employment purposes.

In Conclusion

It’s hard to give out a definitive beard guide related to employment and work in 2021. While many employers no longer care if you have hair on your face (only if you look clean), there are still some industries that require a more clean-shaven look. 

Nevertheless, the guide presented here endorses proper beard care and grooming to make it look good with your face, and that should be enough good advice, including employment and pre-employment purposes. 

Sphinx Beard exists for the proper care and maintenance of beards in general. We are the trusted name for global-quality best beard products for men. Check out our website for the beard products you want and need.

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