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6 Beard Growing Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • By - Sphinx Beard

An excellent beard is a valuable asset, and every man desires one (well, almost). But the problem is that it isn't something you can buy. You have to grow it, and the situation isn't precisely like building muscles, which you can do by working out and eating well.

Bearing that in mind, we've gathered six of our most crucial beard growing mistakes you must avoid. Read on!


Using Head Hair Products For Your Beard

The ingredients in hair shampoo are not suitable for your beard. It will deplete your beard's natural oils and result in dry, scraggly strands of hair, which will indeed impede healthy development.

Shaving Beard Thinking It'll Speed Up Growth

Be patient when growing out your beard. All shaving does is erase all of your previous progress. If you're asking, there's no scientific journal that supports this notion. Only time and appropriate beard care can promote the best beard growth progress.


Giving Up Too Soon

Beards grow approximately a half-inch every month on average. However, keep in mind that depending on genetics, your beard may grow slower or quicker, and not all areas of your beard will grow at the same rate. At first, some sections may appear full, while others will appear spotty.

Some guys quit trying at this point, believing they lack the genetics to grow a full beard. The truth is that this section of your beard is just growing slower than the rest. Men's beards continue to grow well into their thirties. You're in your twenties, and you still have a patchy beard? Don't worry; you haven't reached your maximum beard potential yet. We urge that men, regardless of age, devote a full two months to growing their beards.


Not Trimming Your Beard

Even in the early stages, you should keep your beard trimmed. As previously said, different regions of your beard will develop at different speeds. An untrimmed beard will begin to seem imbalanced after approximately a month of growth. Trimming the longer sections of the beard will assist in preventing the appearance of a patchwork beard as the slower-growing areas catch up. Trimming at this point is simple: choose a clipper and guard length and proceed. The settings are the same all the way around. As your beard grows from stubble to fullness, you can begin shaping it more.

  1. Damaging Your Beard With Too Much Blowdry

When you're in a morning rush, a wet beard can be such a hassle. A hairdryer comes in handy for this. When you use the maximum heat setting, the issues arise as this dries out the hair and leaves it feeling brittle. Instead, use the coldest setting on your hairdryer and a comb to detangle any knots. When your beard is dry, apply beard balm to rehydrate your hair and skin below. Hopefully, you will notice a significant difference!

  1. Shaving Too Close to the Neckline

After a few months of development, it will be time to tidy things up and trim cut your neckline. However, many things may go wrong. If you're not careful, you may cut your hair too close to your jawline, which will always look bad. To put it simply, envision a curving line passing beneath your chin between both of your ears. Using this as a guide, use a trimmer to remove any hairs that do not follow this path.


Growing a beard takes time, patience, and the proper genetics, as well as the appropriate nutrition. It's science: if you provide the best environment for growth, you will see a difference given enough time.

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