4 Factors to Consider When Trying to Grow a Classy Beard

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Growing a classy beard can be a bit hard to achieve. There are many style tips and hair care advice to consider just to have one that will perfectly match your facial features. You may even have to look at the mirror regularly to check your progress with the style that you want. 

Out of all the things that you could do, the following tips may take your efforts further. Though your beard may take time to develop, you can still apply these pointers once it reaches the appropriate length. Take note of them to achieve and maintain your classy style.

Consider Your Face Shape

Your beard should match the shape of your face. By matching it with your facial profile, you will contour it well enough to look consistent. An oval face may have a beard squared at the jaw and clean lines on the cheeks. This brings out the weight of the beard without overdoing it. A rectangular face may have a beard that is styled long or triangular; either one will complement your chin while giving the illusion that you have a wider jaw. 

On the other hand, a triangular face may have a short beard or stubble with a mustache, giving you a cleaner look over time. These examples are proven and tested to compliment the person’s overall look but don’t take our word for it, try out these styles and feel the difference.

Consider the Length of the Beard

How long do you want your beard to grow? The thing about classy beards is that they do not just have to be short or glossy. Those things can be achieved by letting your barber style them, and if you do not have time to do that, you may simply get by if you know what to do. 

A simple trim towards the edges of a long beard may already do the trick; just make sure that your beard is already long enough to accomplish that.

Take Your Age into Account

Our age may determine our beard growth. This means that the younger you are, the more that you’d have to shave. The most advisable frequency for this is shaving twice a day to prepare for your beard spurt afterward. Just be sure to be consistent so that there will be no half-strung beards in between.

Avoid Using Hair Shampoo for Your Beard

They may take care of your head hair for the most part, but they do not have the same effect on your beard due to your facial skin being more sensitive. You may buy separate beard conditioners or specialized shampoos for them instead so that you wouldn’t irritate the skin under your facial hairs.


Growing a classy beard is one goal that some men wish to accomplish. It may be harder to achieve a babyface look, but the result is still fantastic. The style and class that someone can express and impress with a classy beard is always a welcome addition to the many facial styles that men have been flaunting throughout the decades. 

If you want to show off your beard as well, feel free to follow our tips above—you’ll be walking confidently in no time!

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