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Beard Care 101: Say Goodbye to Beardruff, Or Beard Dandruff!

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Beards are manly and wonderful. They require the best care as well. As a general rule, a complete beard care kit is needed to eliminate one of the most common issues of keeping a beard: Beard Dandruff or Beardruff!

Dandruff gets no love here. Here are the top tips to keep beards and facial skin great and dandruff-free.

Major Causes of the Dreaded Beardruff

Dry skin and fungal infections are the two leading causes of beard dandruff.

Dry skin happens from a lack of skincare and moisturizers for the skin beneath your beard. These are usually affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures and cleaners that remove your natural skin oils. The result is dry, flaky skin that sheds old skin cells rapidly.

Fungal infections are the same in our hair and our beards. Malassezia is a fungal yeast that latches onto skin and skin oil, causing excessive flaking combined with itchiness. The more you scratch the itch, the more it produces dandruff.

Anti-dandruff Beard Care Top Tips

We have some important reminders to keep your beard and beard skin healthy and well maintained. Not only does it get rid of dandruff, but it also promotes glorious beard hair and skin. Follow these guidelines and have your beard care kit handy for the best results.

  • Proper Washing of your Beard

    It’s not enough to just wash your beards thoroughly. Your washing process needs a little extra care too. Use skin-friendly cleaners to keep your beard and facial skin below the beard clean and moisturized without clearing out natural skin oils. Beards hold thicker, wavier hair, and unique beard formulations are preferred for proper care.

    Use a beard and skin-friendly conditioner each week. It keeps your beard, and facial skin moisturized, lessens dry skin flaking, and improves overall skin and beard health.

  • Beard Maintenance Reminders

    Always have your beard care kit ready for grooming. After washing, dry your beard properly. Don’t use extreme heat as it can exacerbate hair follicle dryness and cause flaking. Make sure to use gentle drying action with a towel to avoid breakage and hair fall.

    Regular grooming and combing will help with proper blood circulation on your beard area and skin to keep it from being extra dry. At the same time, brushing and grooming can alarm you of the early signs of beardruff so you can remedy the problem fast. You can also see a dermatologist for any possible health issues from a persistent dandruff problem.

  • Use Important Beard Care Products

    Beard care requires unique beard-specific hair and skin products to promote health and keep dandruff out. You can choose from many beard oils, beard butters, and balms to keep proper moisture levels on the skin and hair. Among the more widespread organic products with dandruff-busting properties include coconut, jojoba, and sunflower oils. 

Get Proper Anti-Dandruff Beard Care Today

Beard care calls for a different type of hair and skincare. The right practices can maintain optimum beard health and the best look. The wrong steps can make your beard too coarse and frizzled, or worse, produce dandruff.

Those blessed with the gift of thick, beautiful, manly beards also have the responsibility of proper care for optimum beard health as well. Never settle for less; get our beard care kit and other products today. Sphinx Beard uses the highest quality ingredients, such as Egyptian Jojoba Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, and Indian Castor Oil. 

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