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Beginner’s Guide to Taming and Styling Wiry Beards

  • By - Sphinx Beard

When you're younger, your beard grows in thicker, denser, and fuller, but as you age, the rate of growth slows down. You will find that peach fuzz may emerge along with coarse and wiry hairs that will do nothing for your beard appearance. You can't just let the beard grow freely; if you do, it may end up looking too juvenile for your tastes. There are some things you can do to keep your beard full and thick. Certain techniques and tricks can enhance the volume and density of your beard to get it back to its former glory. If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about, read on for a beginner’s guide on how to tame and style wiry beards.

Condition Your Beard

Be sure to moisturize your skin regularly to keep your beard thick and well-maintained. If your skin becomes dry, it will make your beard brittle and rough. With a dry beard, you won’t be able to grow as much hair, and you’ll also have trouble styling it. Dry skin isn’t good for your beard, because a dry beard will make your hair look limp and thin. A well-hydrated beard is easier to style, so moisturize as often as you can. A well-moisturized beard will look healthier, allowing you to style it any way you want. Beard oil is a great way to keep your beard healthy and shiny. It both hydrates the hair and acts as a barrier against peeling and flaking to make its growth more manageable.

Make Use of a Beard Filler

Beard fillers are a quick fix for wiry beards. Beard fillers are temporary cosmetic enhancers that allow you to cover up patchy or wiry areas of your beard. While it doesn’t do anything to fix the actual state of your beard, they are useful if all you’re worried about is aesthethics. Beard fillers utilize microfiber tips to apply wax that fills in any patchy areas of your facial hair. When used correctly, you can pretty much achieve the same look of a natural beard.

Utilize a Derma Roller

If you're looking to grow a long beard, an at-home derma roller kit may be what you need. A derma roller is similar to acupuncture for your skin and follicles. A roller with tiny needles rolls over the skin, inducing collagen production. Collagen is essential to promote beard growth. Some redness and irritation of the skin is normal, but excessive bleeding means that you punctured the skin too deeply. If this happens, go easy on the skin when you use the derma roller.

Trim Your Beard

Some men may find the idea of a haircut to be frightening, but haircuts are similar to pruning your beard. Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim off the dry or split ends that give your beard an uneven appearance. Be mindful of your neckline and cheeks to ensure a solid structure to your beard for a clean look. Keeping your hair trimmed also helps in preventing an unkempt appearance that may take away from your confidence and sex appeal.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you gain a better understanding of how to style and deal with wiry beards. As you can see, there are a slew of different things you can do to address this issue. Be sure to keep everything you’ve learned here in mind so that you can keep your beard looking great.

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