The Top Dos & Don'ts of Beard Maintenance: Our Guide

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Perhaps you believe that the longer a beard grows the less maintenance it requires. However, that isn't the case. No matter how long or thick it is, your beard will never take care of itself, and there are still some things you should and shouldn't do to protect your most attractive feature. Not to worry, as it shouldn't be overly complex or costly. 

In this article, we will share several fundamental dos and don'ts of beard maintenance to get you started:

Use Beard Oil

Consistent conditioning is the key to a smooth beard, as it can keep it smelling fresh while also controlling the frizz that may make it seem messy or even unclean. Preferably, you should use beard oil that comes with natural ingredients. Simply massage a few drops into your beard, being sure to get all the way down to the skin. It will make a huge impact even if this is the only thing you do to your beard. Using balm or beard conditioner works as well.

Use the Right Equipment

If you don't utilize the appropriate equipment, especially in the early phases of beard growth, you may encounter some patchiness. As such, investing in the proper gear may make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your fuzz. Likewise, a pair of scissors or beard clippers, a comb for detangling knots, a cut-throat razor or a double-edge safety razor, and a three-sided mirror are necessary tools for a decent trim.

Trim Regularly

Did you know that letting your beard grow long by leaving it alone is not ideal? Even if you intend to grow your beard, you need to trim it every once in a while to keep it looking healthy and neat.

When trimming, be sure to do it in phases for a flawlessly balanced look. Begin with the sideburns and work your way up to the neck, cheeks, and mustache. Also, remember to adapt your beard style to your facial shape.

Don’t Use Hair Products

Hair shampoos are meant to remove oils and styling products from the hair. As a result, they frequently include aggressive chemicals that may be excessively harsh on your facial skin, causing irritation and drying.

Because of this, you must always choose beard-friendly natural formulations and treatments, ideally with minimal soap and high quantities of conditioning substances. Since beard hair is also about twice as thick as head hair, it requires a lot of conditioning, and utilizing the right beard products can help you get the most excellent results.

Don't Trim Your Neckline Too High

This habit is actually one of the most common beard grooming mistakes. Trim your neckline one inch above your Adam's apple, or the place where your neck meets your head, to get the perfect neckline. If you cut it any shorter from this point, your face would appear weirdly separated from your neck. Also, don't be too creative with this zone since if your experiment fails, your face could wind up appearing a little strange!


Facial hair maintenance is essential, and it requires more than just keeping the strands healthy and strong. It is also about keeping it clean, protecting your skin, and choosing the right products, among others. It may seem overwhelming at first –– even people who have spent years maintaining their facial hair might make blunders. However, having a nice beard can be rewarding as it will provide you with confidence when it's well-kept. In the end, you may have a beard that shapes your face and enhances your appearance with the correct equipment and procedures!

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