The Advantages of Having a Beard on Your Job Interview

The Advantages of Having a Beard on Your Job Interview

  • By - Sphinx Beard

People are often overwhelmed during their job interviews. If you think answering your quizzes during your high school days was nerve-wracking, wait until you come face to face with an HR personnel or an interviewer, one who will analyze your skills and experiences. Indeed, job interviews are a bit scary for some to undergo, much so that many would prefer to prepare for it weeks before making a first good impression.

One of the things that people would often focus on before they even start to rehearse their interview answers would be their appearance. While talents, skills, and experiences are more crucial for a job, their overall appearance may also significantly affect their qualifications. 

For men, a clean-shaven face may be the most viable option in presenting themselves during one of the most critical appointments in their life, but did you know that some enter their interviews with a beard?

It may look like career suicide, but you must remember that having it can also yield some advantages. If you are still not convinced by this, read through this list of benefits: 

1) It Says So Much about the Applicant’s Personality

Believe it or not, it isn’t always about being clean-shaven for your interviews. It is also about showing the HR personnel that you can go through their questions despite the facial hair. Job interviews often establish the accurate measure of a person, which pertains to their skills and how they manage themselves as a whole.

If the interviewer is captivated by your genuine answers instead of getting distracted by your beard, then you can provide a contrast of who you are from the inside rather than someone who just looks scruffy on the outside.

2) It Says So Much about the Applicant’s Hygiene

Having facial hair doesn’t always equate to untidiness. Take beards, for example. They may flourish and bolden up during the length of their growth, but once they are well-maintained, they will look more smooth and clean rather than teeming with split ends.

If you can’t show off your wanted hairstyles, at least the ones below your chin will serve as an immediate example of your hygiene and grooming habits, something that may impress even the toughest interviewers.

3) It Can Serve as a Confidence Booster

Unsurprisingly, some applicants prefer to hide their faces whenever it’s time for them to answer HR’s questions. Of course, that is not possible as the latter will need to identify them at first glance, but the thing about having a beard is that it acts as some form of a mediator.

The beards can act as a confidence booster, a part of yourself that you’ve grown, cared for, and therefore, absolutely love. You show up as your best self, which can mitigate your nerves while being asked the most challenging questions.


Having a beard during your job interview doesn’t have to be disadvantageous to your looks, as it can offer benefits that may boost your chances of getting the job.  The fact that it says so much about your personality, confidence, and hygiene indicates that it is a significant part of your overall looks. Do not be ashamed of wearing your beard in your interviews and impress your interviewer with your latest style!

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