What Are the Best Things to Consider When Buying Beard Butter?

What Are the Best Things to Consider When Buying Beard Butter?

  • By - Sphinx Beard

While most men may prefer to show off their clean-shaven faces, some wish to flaunt their beards. They can express themselves more that way and show that they have more than one type of hair on their body that can bring out their charm. 

While the most usual way of maintaining their beard usually involves a razor or a small scissor, there are other ways to care for the facial hair that does not include any sharp objects.

The use of oil and beard butter has been a well-accepted beard care method amongst men who would go for this style, much so that there are various factors to consider when choosing the right brand and variant in the market today. 

Choosing the right beard butter does not always have to involve the brand name, as there are other factors to consider when making your pick. If you would like to learn more about them, look no further than some of the most common examples we have listed below.

1) Check the Main Components of the Beard Butter

There are many beard butter products in the market today, so it is only natural for you to choose one with the most beneficial ingredients for your beard. Shea butter is used to mitigate the inflammation of your skin, while cocoa butter is used for moisturizing your beard. 

Either way, go for the one that benefits you most. Remember, it isn’t just about style, but about being comfortable with the variant, you are using and its advantages.

2) Try Out the Consistency of the Beard Butter

A good beard butter must be soft enough to be applied to your facial hair and skin. It must also feel like whipped cream so that it can easily be absorbed. 

While there are indeed lots of beard butter brands in the market today, each with its thickness and consistency, you must still be able to try out their efficiency and whether or not their softness works best for you.

Some are not well-made, to the point that they often harden once left on your beard for a few minutes. They are a hassle to wash away, and they can even irritate your skin.

3) Consider Your Skin Type as Well

This pointer is more about your skin than the substance itself. While some people are lucky enough to have well-developed skin resistance against any form of allergies, not all people have the same fortune. Some people’s skin is so sensitive that even a droplet of ointment may irritate and turn them red.

If you are one of those with this skin type, you must test out the product first. Otherwise, you end up dealing with unwanted skin problems. Beard butter is mainly made of organic ingredients, but that doesn’t mean that you should just use any on your skin.


Beard butters are essential for stylish facial hair that can be molded to your preferred style. Analyze every brand you will come across and see if they are enough to give you what your beard needs. 

Check the ingredients, try out its consistency, and take note of your allergies. More importantly, keep these pointers in mind—you may just find the perfect brand of beard butter that will boost your charm to the next level.

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