3 Helpful Tips to Manage Your Patchy Beard

3 Helpful Tips to Manage Your Patchy Beard

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Patchy beards are somewhat one of the most hated things by men. Aside from the fact that they get in the way of having an almost flawless appearance, they also end up ruining your overall look. Say what you will about beards, but they can be styled to look classy. Patchy beards are the bane of that achievement, often being the cause of janky facial aesthetics.

Indeed, they are most unwelcome for someone who would like to look sleek and clean. Ask any man, and they would prefer to have a thick, smooth beard that can be controlled rather than one that provides a lot of holes where a flowing beard should be. The thing about patchy beards is that they are often the cause of internal factors in our body rather than external ones.

Thankfully, managing a patchy beard can definitely be possible. While these methods can take time, the result would all be worth it as you will have a healthy beard by the very end. Take note of these tips and see the difference that they make over time.

1. Have a Well-Rounded Diet

You will never have a healthy, flowing beard if you do not watch what you are eating. Aside from providing us with all the appropriate nutrients needed for our muscles and our bones, a healthy diet will also help regulate the fullness of our beards, well enough for them to thrive. 

Protein, vitamin C, and iron are just some of the crucial components in boosting your facial hair’s thick growth, and lack of those nutrients may result in more unnecessary patches.

2. Get a Good Amount of Sleep

Our body regenerates every time we sleep. Without it, we would all feel exhausted during the day. Cell regeneration may also affect your facial hair, thus giving you an offset of the patchy beard if you lack a good amount of rest. Do not make this very crucial mistake and set your schedule for the day.

The more organized you are, the more chances of getting at least 8 hours of sleep during the night. Keep your eyes closed, wake up rejuvenated, and see the difference that it makes to your facial hair.

3. Learn to Take a Breather from Stress

Relax, sit back, and calm your mind. Stress is one of the major contributors to hair loss, including your facial hair. Do not lose your composure, and feel free to get out of the office for a few moments of silence and meditation. 

The thing about stress is that they often lead to the weakening of our immune system, which is the main trigger of hair loss. Get rid of stress, and you will get rid of your patchy beards.


Patchy beards may be irritating, but they are very manageable and easy to recover from. So as long as you practice all of our valuable tips above, you are on your way to getting a healthier flow of beard. 

Having a balanced diet, getting ample amounts of sleep, and achieving better stress management significantly help accomplish just that. Plan out your daily activities, stay healthy, be energized, and walk with confidence, knowing that your patchy beards are just temporary.

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