Why Jojoba Oil is the Secret to a Healthy Beard

  • By - Sphinx Beard

If you’re wondering how to make your beard look more silky and lush, then you may need to exert more effort in caring for it. You need to start your own beard grooming routine and use the right products to encourage growth and make it easy to style and tame. One good example of a must-have for your beard care kit is jojoba oil. It’s a completely natural solution that can work wonders for your beard. Curious about what jojoba oil does to your beard and what kind of benefit does it get? Read on to find out.

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil (pronounced as “ho–ho–buh”) is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba tree shrub—Simmondsia Chinensis. It’s well-known as one of the best natural oils to use in a variety of cosmetic products, including conditioners, balms, washes, and beard oil for men.

The kernel seed of the jojoba tree is rich in this precious oil, as up to 50% of its content can be made up of the highly sought-after eicosanoic acid fats. 

Benefits of Using Jojoba Oil

What makes jojoba oil so suitable for beard grooming and other cosmetic applications is its long shelf life and stability against heat and oxidation. It’s basically an odorless and colorless oil that has a lot of health-promoting properties. Let’s break down all of the benefits you can get from using products with jojoba oil.

Moisturizing Oil

Have you ever heard of the term ‘humectant ingredients’ being used? Jojoba oil happens to be one of them. Humectants are substances that absorb water from the air or underlying layers of the skin and draw those molecules toward the surface of the skin. They also seal your skin with a protective barrier, so you don’t lose that moisture throughout the day.

Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties

Since jojoba oil contains vitamin E, they are perfect for fighting oxidative stress and protecting your skin and beard from everyday debris, pollutants, and toxins in the air. Jojoba oil also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can kill candida, salmonella, and E.coli bacteria. While they can’t kill all known fungal and bacterial species, they can still prevent dandruff and other skin problems from occurring.


As you may know, your body naturally produces sebum to lubricate the skin to protect against friction and make it more impervious to moisture. Too much sebum can be bad for your skin and can actually produce dandruff and acne. Since jojoba oil has a similar makeup to sebum, your skin can be easily fooled, making it less likely to produce too much sebum that can cause problems.

Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Grooming products like jojoba oil can help with skin irritation, which in turn aids the growth of your beard. This is all because of jojoba oil’s collagen content. Collagen is the protein responsible for clarity and elasticity in your skin. It’s also what enriches joint health and other parts of your body made from cartilage. Having enough collagen slows down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


Organic jojoba oil is a special cosmetic ingredient that’s derived from the seed of a shrub. Jojoba oil is free of any chemicals and pesticides and offers nothing but good benefits to your face, skin, and your beard. If you’re starting your own beard grooming routine, you better have jojoba oil listed as one of the products you need to get started.

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