3 Tips to Help You Effectively Use Shaving Soap

3 Tips to Help You Effectively Use Shaving Soap

  • By - Sphinx Beard

As all men with facial hair will tell you, one thing—a vital part of grooming is shaving. No matter what kind of beard a man has, shaving will help keep the hairs under control and maximize the man's look. Unfortunately, many men mistake shaving as an activity where they can get away with cheap products. This only leads to undesirable results that ruin shaving for them.

If you do not want to run into mishaps during your shaving routine, we highly recommend using high-quality shaving soaps. Not many men will have heard of this, as they rely on other things like shaving creams. 

If you've never used shaving soaps before, here's how you can use them to maximize your shaving experience:

1. Prepare the Soap

The first thing you should do when using shaving soap is to prepare the soap first. To do this, grab a small container that doesn't easily slip. Put the soap inside and pour in some amount of hot water to let the soap bloom. This way, when you dip in the brush, it will become much easier to load the soap onto the brush.

2. Soak the Brush

Before you dip the brush into the solution of hot water and soap, you must first soak your brush thoroughly. When dry, the brushes can be a little harsh, and so soaking the brush in hot water helps the fibers to become a lot softer. This also helps so that the brush can produce enough lather when you finally apply the shaving soap onto your beard.

On that note, you know that you've made the perfect lather when there aren't any large bubbles on it. Also, the lather should feel quite oily when you apply it to the skin. This helps you take a closer and more comfortable shave.

3. Drain the Brush

If you notice that your brush is dripping wet with the soap water, be sure to give it a little draining first. Otherwise, your beard will be soaking wet, and this can lead to poor results. 

To drain the brush, all you need to do is use your fingers and give the brush a little pinch. The excess soapy water should drain out immediately. Once that's done, you can go ahead and start applying the soapy water onto your face with the brush. Just be sure not to shake it, or else the bristles might loosen up and fall.


Keep in mind that the above is only a guideline that you can follow. It doesn't have to be done step by step, as practice makes perfect. More often than not, the more you try out shaving soap, the better you will be at it. You will also quickly discover a way that works perfectly for you. 

As such, you don't need to stress out about using the shaving soap perfectly. Just try it out and follow the instructions above to keep you an idea of what you must be doing. After some time, you will get the hang of it and find yourself loving each chance you get to shave your beard to maintain your look!

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