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Is It Easier to Trim a Beard Before or After a Shower?

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Keeping facial hair often adds to a man’s appeal. It highlights facial features, brings out an air of masculinity, and obscures some flaws. However, maintaining it requires a bit of time, effort, skill, and resources. Much like how we get haircuts and style our hair, grooming our beards is essential for keeping our appearance in top shape. 

Overgrown and unkempt facial hair can make a man look unattractive, so it’s best to follow a grooming routine and ensure that it looks presentable. Trimming your beard makes a world of difference between looking like bigfoot or a celebrity. With that said, many of us wonder when exactly is the best time to shave or trim—before or after a shower? 

Each one of us follows a unique grooming routine for our facial hair, but there are times wherein we wonder if we’re doing it correctly. The options of trimming before or after a shower each have their own advantages, and the answer may vary according to your needs. Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the right timing:

1 - Time and Effort

Time efficiency is an essential factor in choosing the right time to trim facial hair, especially in the increasingly fast-paced world in which we live. Many of us keep tight schedules, and grooming ourselves can become burdensome if not done efficiently. 

Shaving right before a shower can save some time because cleanup will be easier and will take less effort. There’s also no need to worry about facial hair or beard products sticking to your skin and work clothes, as you’ll be washing them away. As a bonus, nicks and cuts while shaving can be easier and quicker to clean and disinfect in the shower.

2 - Razor Burns and Skin Irritation

Razor burns and skin irritation can be quite a problem for many men, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. Showering before trimming facial hair can help reduce the appearance of these issues. The reason for this is that the skin is often dry and coarse before a wash, and this increases hair resistance. The extra resistance often leads to irritation as the person shaves too close to the skin.

Taking warm showers before beard grooming can make the process less problematic. The facial hair will be softer, smoother, more well-hydrated, and easier to manage, reducing the appearance of razor burns and skin irritation.

3 - Moisturizing and Other Grooming Products

Showering before your grooming routine can make applying beard products like pre-shave oils, balms, and creams easier. Warm water can help your pores open up and absorb these materials. 

Keep Your Beard Looking Its Best

Each of us has our own beard grooming routines, and deciding to trim before or after a shower is mostly a matter of personal needs and preferences. The former makes cleanup easier and less time-consuming, while the latter makes it easier to exfoliate and apply products for a more painless shave. 

With the right tools and solutions, maintaining your facial hair can be efficient and effortless. If you’re looking for high-quality beard products, Sphinx Beard has you covered. We use only the finest ingredients in what we offer, helping you achieve the best results for your facial hair. We provide worldwide shipping, so shop with us today!

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