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Spread the Holiday Cheer with These Holiday Beard Styles

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Whether it’s to look more like jolly Saint Nick or to keep your face warm during those cold winters, Christmastime is the perfect season to grow a full beard! In keeping with the festivities, you can also adorn your face whiskers with designs that reflect the spirit of Christmas! 

Before you do that, here are some of the best beard products for the bearded one in your life!

  • Scented beard butter: Keep your facial hair and skin underneath moisturized and protected from drying out in the winter cold.

  • Beard oil: Much like gel or pomade is to your uptown hairdo, beard oil you style your beard and retain a natural sheen.

  • Beard grooming kit: For the man on the go, this all-in-one product contains scissors, a brush, comb, and a carrying case to keep his beard in tip-top shape.

After using any of the above items, they can follow this neat guide to decorating their beards for Christmas parties and get-togethers:

Pine-Scented Moisturizer

The sweet, minty scent of pine reminds everyone who takes a waft that Christmas is in the air. You bring that everywhere you go when you use pine-scented beard butter or oil for grooming. It’s not the flashiest or most visible decoration, but it’s a subtle, classy way of bringing your style during the holidays. Pair it with a red or green top to complete the look.


Turn your beard and mustache into a reverse Christmas tree of sorts by spreading out multi-colored glitter all over! All you need are a bottle of beard oil and a pack of Christmas sparkling confetti!

Apply a dime-sized dab of beard oil throughout your beard, making sure every inch is covered. Carefully place glitter on the surface and in between. The oil thickens over time and keeps the pieces in place.

Christmas Ornaments

This DIY option works well if you have a creative streak in you. Aside from glitter and confetti, you can also adorn your beard with little trinkets to resemble a Christmas tree even more!

Place some figurines and small toys onto your beard after applying some scented beard oil or butter. Much like the glitter, the product will keep everything in place.

Be sure to insert some decorations between your facial hair and ask permission from your kids if you can borrow their figurines!

Mistletoe Mustache

If you can only grow a manly mustache, we’ve got you covered, fam! Decorate your upper lip bush with mistletoe! No need for scented beard oils or butters for this one. Simply take two thin branches, glue them together onto a hair clip, and pin the hair clip on your mustache. Who knows? You might even get a kiss or two at midnight!

Light-Up Beard

Another yuletide staple are Christmas lights that can be strung virtually anywhere: trees, cars, houses, buildings, and even beards! To pull off this look, find a small, battery-operated light string. Loop the Christmas lights around your beard and place the battery pack in your chest pocket. You can also use clips or beard oil to keep them in place and make them shine even more!

The Santa 

In honor of good ‘ole Saint Nick, wear your beard as he did! You have to complete this look by dyeing your facial hair white, wearing a pair of glasses, and topping that off with a red hat! Curling your beard is optional, but finding matching attire is not. Opt for red-themed clothing or go in a full-on Santa suit!

In Conclusion

Trees aren’t the only things you can style this Christmas. Your beard can pretty much hold onto miniature decorations and other trinkets as long as you have the best beard products on hand. Remember to groom your facial hair post-celebration, so no dirt, figurines, or wires are left behind.

For some of the best beard products for your man or scented beard butter to pull off these dashing holiday looks, visit Sphinx Beard today! We use only the highest-quality ingredients like Egyptian jojoba oil and Indian castor oil to create beard care products that nourish your facial hair and skin like no other. Order now!

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