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How to Keep Your Beard Looking Its Best During the Holidays

  • By - Sphinx Beard

The last weeks of the year are brimming with people's excitement and hopes.

From Halloween's frights to the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving (and all the discounts that follow), all the way to Christmas and ringing in the New Year. 

While the holidays are a time of joy and celebration, it's also important not to leave your beard out of the equation. Check out these ideas to keep your beard healthy throughout the season. Read on!

1. Eat Healthy Foods

Beard growth depends on diet. Specific vitamins and minerals can help to promote hair growth. For example, biotin, which is commonly found in eggs, is known to stimulate hair growth.

2. Include Beard Oil Into Your Routine

Beard oil with a high concentration of quality beard oil essential oils and fatty acids will do wonders for your beard. They'll help to moisturize your facial hair and the skin beneath so that you can prevent dryness and flaking, as well as itchiness.

There's also a way to apply beard oil that works best. Applying the oil to a damp beard will help lock in moisture and give your facial hair a better chance to absorb the nutrients.

You'll need all the moisturizing you can get to avoid the harmful effects of winter dryness on your precious beard, so oil up!

3. Use a Beard Brush

A beard brush is a fantastic tool for getting rid of flakes, softening coarse hair, and detangling knots. Beard brushes are usually made from horsehair and come with a slimmer grip compared to a hairbrush.

The extra brushing will help spread the essential oils of the beard oil throughout. It'll also help maintain the beard's shape and stimulate the follicles to promote growth.

4. Establish a Facial Hair Washing Routine

Washing your beard will remove any dirt and dust in your facial hair. It'll also give your beard a chance to soak up that face wash. You're exposing your beard to outdoor pollutants and contaminants like smoke or bacteria every time you go outside, which is why it's generally recommended to wash your facial hair during bathtime.

5. Be Careful of Trimming During the Winter

Trimming your beard during the colder months is not a good idea. This is because using a hot hairdryer too close to your skin can cause your facial hair to dry out and become brittle, which will make it less likely to grow.

The same goes for you if you're in a hot shower or sauna. So try to avoid these if you don't want to hamper your beard growing efforts. Instead, focus on maintaining your beard hygiene and supporting your facial hair to look the best it can be.


Letting your facial hair have a chance to grow during winter is the best thing you can do to protect your facial hair from damage. So, don't fret if you haven't reached your desired length yet. Instead, focus on taking care of what you've got. As long as you're patient and using the proper techniques and grooming products, you'll get there.

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