The Pros and Cons of Shaving in the Morning and Evening

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Most men around the world shave, and if you do, chances are you haven't given it much thought. After all, after shaving hundreds of times, it just becomes another activity that you need to get done. However, have you ever sat down to wonder what time people shave? Since you're reading this article, either you're wondering the same thing or just stumbled onto this article. Regardless, this is an excellent question to ask, simply because there are many variables to consider the best time to shave.

Today, we'll talk about the pros and cons of morning and evening shaves to help you decide for yourself the best time to shave:

The Morning

There are several advantages to be enjoyed from shaving in the morning. First, you might already be used to it because it has been a tradition for many men to shave during this time. Second, you enjoy the smooth feel of your face throughout the day, helping you be more confident in yourself. Third, you love mornings, and you wake up early to do all sorts of things, including shaving. Fourth, your beard grows way too quickly to be dealt with in the evenings to maintain a clean look. Fifth, you are just too tired in the evenings or have no time to shave then.

Just as there are advantages to morning shaves, there are also disadvantages. First, if your mornings are typically busy, then a morning shave isn't ideal as you might rush the process. Second, the rush might cause you to cut corners and make more mistakes than others will notice later. Third, you might end up with less sleep.

The Evening

While many people shave in the mornings, many others also shave during the evening to enjoy the following advantages. First, there's no rush in the evenings, unlike in the mornings. Second, the lack of rush means you will take more time to shave, ensuring the job is done correctly. Third, rather than having to wake up earlier, you can stay in bed longer to sleep. Fourth, you make fewer mistakes overall because you take your time shaving carefully. Fifth, an evening shave gives the face plenty of time to heal, limiting or even eliminating possible irritations. Sixth, a good evening shave will typically last the next day, meaning that everyone will see the awesome you.

Of course, evening shaves aren't free from any disadvantages as well. First, if you find that your evenings are too busy or precious to be spent shaving, you won't find it to be an ideal time. Second, if your beard grows incredibly quickly, then an evening shave, no matter how clean, can already look scruffy the next day.


With all of that said, should you save in the morning or evening? That will highly depend on how you relate to the pros and cons above. If you're a morning person, go ahead and shave in the morning? If you're more the evening type, then enjoy yourself an evening shave. What you pick ultimately is the one that will give you the best results throughout the day, ensuring that the moment you step out of the home, you look clean and fantastic!

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