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How to Fill In a Patchy Beard: Simple Tips and Tricks

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Growing facial hair is natural for men, but reaching a full-looking beard is not as easy as it looks. If it is your first time growing your facial hair or doing it for a long time and you still see patchy areas, you might be wondering what you can do to improve it.

Many reasons and factors affect the facial hair growth of people. It can be due to genetics or diet and lack of nutrition. If you want to know what you can do to improve the looks of your beard, here are some tips you can explore.

Tip 1: Get the Right Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for good hair, skin, and nails. Many people don't know that the same is true for facial hair. Your diet needs to have vitamins that are beneficial for hair growth. The most common vitamins you should include in your diet are vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E. You can get them from different food sources, such as eggs.

Tip 2: Grow Your Facial Hair Out

To be able to fix your patchy areas, you need first to grow your facial hair out. Grow it for a few months before trimming it. That way, you will see what your natural facial hair growth pattern looks like. Once you do this, you can make a facial hair growth plan based on your natural facial hair growth and then find out how to improve it.

Remember that shaping can only be done when the beard is already four to six inches long. You need to give it enough time to grow. It may take a few months, but you can also take facial hair growth pills to accelerate the process.

Tip 3: Use a Good Beard Oil

Beard oil acts as a moisturizer for the facial hair and the skin around it. It gives nutrients to the skin and beard. Find a good quality beard oil with all the essential minerals and vitamins you need. That way, you will ensure that your beard is healthier and stronger.

Tip 4: Use Beard Styling Products

If you really want to get rid of your patchy areas, beard styling products may help. An excellent example of beard styling products is beard balm. It will give you style, shape, and define your beard. It also acts as a beard conditioner and moisturizer.

Keeping your beard in a specific style will make the facial hair appear denser. Using products like mustache wax and pomade will help you keep your facial hair in great style and shape.

Tip 5: Keep Your Beard Short

No matter how hard you try to improve your patchy areas, the solution may be to have a shorter and tidier beard. Having a shorter and well-shaped beard will make it appear thicker. It is also easier to style and maintain. Use a trimmer to keep your beard short and get an easier-to-manage full beard in the process.


You can do many things to grow and fix your patchy beard. It can be as simple as growing it out and finding natural ways to improve it. However, if you cannot grow a beard at all, you may opt to use beard advanced supplements for men. Some supplements may help you grow a thicker, fuller beard.

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