5 Beard Care Tips Every Man Should Know About

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Any man who chooses to keep a beard is making a statement. He’s expressing his desire to stand out from the crowd. Today, growing a beard is more of a fashion statement than anything else, but there are deeper reasons behind the choice. When you grow a beard, you’re really putting yourself to the test. You have to commit to it. So how do you grow and maintain a good beard? Read on to find out.

1. Develop a Solid Grooming Routine

The first thing you need to do is determine how you will be caring for your beard. Do you plan on using beard oil or balm? Will you be using a beard trimmer or just a razor? These are the first questions that need to be answered. Some men grow full beards but use a beard trimmer to keep them from becoming too wild. Others may be very rigorous in their grooming and want to use a razor every morning. The choice is completely up to you. Just make sure you are trimming or shaving at least once a day. Your beard will need daily maintenance in order to look good.

2. Don’t Touch That!

When you first start growing a beard, you may experience some itching. You may want to scratch instantly. Resist this urge! You may ruin your beard if you constantly scratch. This is a common problem. It’s called beard itch. A great way to avoid beard itch is to find a beard oil or balm that will help moisturize your face. Many men find that beard oil is the best solution for this problem. A lot of men use beard oil as a skin moisturizer as well as a styling aid.

3. Choose Styling Products with Care

Beard hair is very thick. The skin underneath it, however, is not. The skin is delicate and sensitive. If you are going to be using styling products on your beard, it is crucial that you choose the right products. When you use a beard balm, for example, you will be applying it directly to the skin. That could lead to irritation, which is going to cause a lot of itching. Beard Balm is a great styling option, but make sure you use it sparingly.

4. Brush It Out

If you have a good beard brush, you are going to have to brush it out after every time you apply beard balm or beard oil. Once you apply your styling product, you need to brush it out. Don’t just brush it in the same direction. You want to brush it in every direction to get the product all over your beard. Once you are done, you should take a few minutes to brush it again. This will help to soften your beard and keep it looking great.

5. Be Gentle With Your Beard

Your beard needs tender loving care. It’s made out of hair, after all. It stands to reason that it will break and fall out if you treat it just like your head hair. You need to be gentle with your facial hair. For example, don’t use a scrub or a deep cleanser on your face. You will just irritate your face and make it more sensitive. Instead, use a gentle cleanser that won’t tear your beard out by the roots.


Managing your beard is an art. It can take some time to get the right hang of it, but once you do, you will see the difference. It’s time to stop being lazy. Stop being a slob. Grow a beard and learn to master it.

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