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Does Beard Oil Make Beard Coloring Go Away Quicker?

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While the hair on our heads is considered our crowning glory, there's no denial that certain beards are gorgeous. In fact, the beard craze has even inspired a whole slew of styles and trends. There are other men that even go as far as coloring their beards, which is popular for those who may want to get rid of the grey and white in their hair.

However, if you've ever grown or maintained a beard, you know how frustrating it can be to keep it soft and healthy. It's another layer to keep the beard coloring in, as there are certain factors that can make it go away quicker. For instance, beard oil is a point of contention as some men may believe it makes the dye go away faster.

To answer the question though, the short one would be no. Beard oil doesn't exactly make beard coloring go away quicker. Continue reading to understand more about it.

Dyeing One’s Beard

Going for beard color is an interesting trend, especially for those who have a full-grown hedge of facial hair. The benefit of using beard coloring is that it's more natural-looking, providing the wearer with more of a distinguished look. However, there are a certain number of factors that affect the dye and make it go away quicker.

For instance, dryness and exposure to the sun can negatively affect beard coloring and make it fade quicker. Other factors like frequent iced beverages and even hot wind won't leave the color in great shape either, as temperature changes don't bring good results.

Moisturizing One’s Beard

The factors mentioned above are why it's best to keep one's facial hair properly hydrated with beard oil. Not only will this help with styling, but it will also prevent the dryness that is known to make the coloring go away quicker. While beard oil may take a bit of discipline to use on a daily basis, it's a fantastic habit to have for your facial hair.

Because beard oil has been formulated with a high concentration of vitamins, it helps to keep the hair soft and make it look healthier overall. The beard will also be less likely to get tangles and have any flakes, which can negatively affect the coloring.

Choosing One’s Beard Oil

Using beard oil helps to keep one's beard healthy and strong. It can also help with reducing flakes, which may have contributed to the beard coloring fading. If you have been using the right mixture of beard oil and your coloring, there's nothing to worry about.

Granted, there are oils that can have formulations with zero or negative effects. Like most beard shampoos, conditioners and more, it all depends on the ingredients used since some can be way too strong, pore-clogging, or chemical-infused, influencing the beard's ability to retain color.

Therefore, try to be wise in choosing your beard oil. The best variation of beard oil is the one that has been formulated with natural ingredients. It's even better if it has certain moisturizing agents like Jojoba oil in it, as this is known to help with hair regrowth.


The most effective way of maintaining the color is actually using beard oil. Especially with the beard being very thick and coarse, it can get easily tangled when it's not properly maintained. Just like the hair on our heads requires moisturizing, so too does the beard.

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