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Using Beard Oil and Beard Butter: A Handsome Combination

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Great facial hair can be instrumental to any man's look. However, maintaining a glorious beard will take a little bit of work. Without proper care and maintenance, you could end up with an itchy face and a scraggly, untamed beard.

Fortunately, all you avid beard growers are living in the perfect time where products like beard oil and beard butter exist. With them, you and your beloved facial hair the care you need.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a product that contains a unique blend of essential oils and carriers for your beard care routine. You apply it to your beard every day to help repel dirt, soften your whiskers and skin, and keep the skin underneath healthy. As beard oil's focus is moisturizing, it's perfect for softening shorter beards and fighting any itchiness they may cause. It's a solid foundation for your beard and skincare routine.

Beard Butter

Beard butter is a balm made from ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax. This product is perfect for fighting dryness in a beard over an inch long. It conditions your beard, helps with styling, and is great for making it look lively. It can even be a protective coating for your facial hair, keeping it safe from dust and dirt.

The One-Two Combo 

Many men combine beard oil and beard butter to create the best beard care routine. Both products are easy to apply and provide different benefits, so it makes sense to use them together. Here's how we recommend you use both of these products regularly:

Beard Oil Routine

  1. Open your pores by taking a nice warm shower.
  2. Pat your beard dry.
  3. Rub some beard oil onto both of your palms.
  4. Massage gently onto the skin underneath your beard.
  5. If your beard is long or thick, move on to the beard butter.

Beard Butter Routine

  1. Make sure your beard is clean and dry before getting started.
  2. Scoop a bit of beard butter with your finger
  3. Rub the beard butter onto both of your palms until it melts.
  4. Run your hands through your beard as if you were applying conditioner.
  5. Take it a step further by running a wide-tooth comb through your beard to better spread the beard butter.

Using Them Separately

Although they work perfectly together, you can definitely use these two products separately. Beard oil is perfect for your skin, while beard butter is excellent for conditioning and fighting frizz.

Using one or the other will depend on your beard length, how your beard is looking, and what you're trying to accomplish. Beard oil is great if you're in the process of growing a beard, while beard butter is great for maintaining it.


Beard oil and beard butter are two great products to help you keep a beard in top shape. With the proper routine, your facial hair will look healthy and give you more confidence. It's never too late to start taking advantage of these products, so apply a few drops of beard oil and give your beard the nourishment it deserves!

Try the best beard butter and beard oil to give your beard and skin the proper nourishment. Improve your beard care routine, and take good care of your beard. Let our products help you wear your beard confidently wherever you go!

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