Want to Grow Your Beard Faster? Follow These 3 Easy Steps

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Are you frustrated by the slow emergence of your facial hair? Using different beard products is not the only solution. Read on and discover three easy steps to grow your beard faster.

Step 1: Establish and Stick with a Beard Care Routine

The first thing you need to grow your beard is to be patient. You must develop a beard care routine and stick with it every single day. Using beard products that promise faster beard growth is actually not the secret to growing a beard. It is mostly about being consistent with your routine and being patient while waiting for hair to grow in.

Step 2: Learn the Stages of Beard Growth

When you understand the different stages your beard will go through, your perspective in growing your beard will start to change. Take a close look at the beard growth cycle below.

  • Week 0 – Clean Shave

To start the cycle, you need to shave your beard. After shaving, you need to maintain clean skin to allow your hair follicles to grow. To keep it clean, add face wash and moisturizer to your beard care kit.

  • Week 0 to 2 – Scruff

This is the phase where you start to grow scruff or stubble. Maintain your routine and be especially vigilant with moisturizing and exfoliating. You may opt to add a scruff cream to your arsenal of products for improved hydration.

  • Week 2 to 8 – Itch Stage

This is the period when you start to feel the urge to shave your scruff as it becomes itchy and your skin feels flaky. Instead of shaving, hydrate your beard by using beard oil. Bear the itchiness for a few weeks—you’ll achieve full growth soon enough!

  • Week 8 to 16 – Baby Beard

Once you get through the seemingly eternal itchy phase, you are now a proud owner of a full-grown beard! There will be patches on your chin as your beard grows longer in the next few weeks. Your regular use of beard oil will make your beard look shiny and healthy. At this stage, you can start trimming your beard to style it the way you want.

  • Week 16 to 30 – Adolescent Beard

This is the stage where is beard is becoming increasingly noticeable as you style it. Maintain the glow of your beard by applying a beard balm. This will protect and nourish your beard even more.

  • 30 Weeks and Beyond – Fully Grown Beard

After 30 weeks, your beard is likely at its fullest length. Having a fully grown beard does not mean ditching your beard care routine; in fact, maintenance is more important than ever. You must keep it hydrated to maintain its shiny quality. You should also comb your beard every day to keep it clean and apply beard balm to keep it healthy.

Step 3: Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Though genetics play a significant role in beard length and thickness, you can still grow yours out naturally. However, it will take you a great deal of dedication to practice a healthy lifestyle, as detailed below.

  • Watching your food intake is important in growing your beard. Making protein, fruits, and vegetables, and supplements part of your diet is a good start.
  • Exercising regularly and reducing your stress levels will also help you grow your beard faster.
  • Having good sleeping habits helps in repairing skin cells that were damaged, promoting healthier beard growth.
  • Alcohol intake and smoking do not help your body become healthy and well-hydrated.


Practicing your beard care routine consistently, developing a healthy lifestyle, and understanding the beard growth cycle will help you grow your beard faster. Your full-grown beard will be glowing and good-looking if you follow the steps mentioned above.

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