5 Practical Tips on How to Fix Your Patchy Beard

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Most beard guys strive for that whole, luscious look when it comes to their facial hair. Most of us, though, have to deal with patchy spots half the time. This could be through lack of beard care or just plain bad luck with genetics.

With that said, a patchy beard is nothing to be embarrassed about and should not be a source of concern. But if you want to achieve a full-on look, we have some tips and tricks to curb your patchy growth.

Why Does My Beard Have Patches?

Age, heredity, alopecia areata (baldness), and hormone imbalances are the four most prevalent reasons for patchy beards. Age and genetics are prevalent factors that most people have little control over, but there are certain things you can do to encourage patchy beard development and grow a fuller beard.

Please continue reading to discover our five tips for transforming your beard from patchy to Jason Momoa!

Give it Time

Allowing your hair to grow while fighting the desire to trim is the first step in filling in a patchy beard. Wait a month before using a razor to determine where the patches have camped out and the direction of hair growth. Trim your cheek and jawline after a month to keep things clean, and continue to let your hair grow — the longer your beard, the more likely the spots will become buried behind the rest of your beard bush.

Trim Your Expectations

If you're still unhappy with your beard after six to eight months of patiently letting it grow, you may need to adjust your expectations. We are highly judgmental of our beards and fail to see that most men do not have picture-perfect beards.

Do a fast Google search for your favorite Hollywood bearded men and focus on their facial hair. If you look attentively and scrutinize their beards like you would your own, you will most certainly see some minor patches and flaws.

These minor flaws go unnoticed by most people. Sometimes you have to accept that your beard is "good enough."

Eat Better

One aspect that is sometimes ignored while learning how to fill in a patchy beard is nutrition.

Not only can junk food harm your health (and waistline), but it can also stunt beard development. Your beard will benefit from a balanced diet that includes a good balance of vitamins and minerals. We're not claiming that if you immediately switch to a healthy diet, your beard will grow overnight, but it will surely benefit the hair and skin all over the body.

To promote healthy beard development, include oranges, Brazil nuts, raisins, potatoes, kale, and spinach in your diet.

Sleep Better

Clocking in eight hours each night increases the quality and rate of your beard development. The body's temperature drops during sleep, resulting in enhanced blood circulation, including circulation to hair follicles and roots. The greater the number of nutrients that can reach the hair follicle and roots, the better.

Maintain Your Beard

A patchy beard can be caused by wiry, dry, and improperly cared for facial hair. So, taking care of it with the appropriate products and tools may make a significant difference in the health of the hair and its full beauty. A decent beard oil or beard balm will maintain your beard clean and healthy down to the follicles. To eliminate dead skin cells and prevent dry skin, use an exfoliant. 


Most of the time, patching up your beard just takes time and patience. As long as you provide your body with the support it needs to grow your beard, like following a healthy diet and getting enough rest, as well as giving your beard extra care and management, we know you'll do just fine.

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