Ways to Shave Your Delicate Skin the Safest Way Possible

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Your skin will suffer as a result of shaving if you don’t know how to treat your skin. However, it is a necessary component of a man's grooming routine. Shaving can be an excruciating experience if you have sensitive skin.

When you're finished, you examine yourself in the mirror and discover some discouraging news. Rosacea is characterized by flushing, irritation, pimples, and ingrown hairs. Razor burn can also result in extreme itching. To avoid these invonvenienves, it’s vital to learn proper shaving techniques since the way you shave can directly impact the condition of your sensitive skin.

Here are the ways to shave your delicate skin in the safest way possible:

Use a Sharp and Clean Razor

It would be beneficial if you change your disposable razor blades regularly. Additionally, make it a point to never shave with a dull blade. If you don't change your blade, you're more likely to end up with a razor burn.

It would help if you also clean your razor after every use. If you're in a pinch and don't have time, then at least rinse it thoroughly.

Avoid Hot and Cold Water When Preparing to Shave

Most men have used a multi-blade razor at some point. It's the razor that your dad and your grandpa use. If you have sensitive skin, you should never use a multi-blade razor.

The multi-blade razor consists of two or three blades in the head of the razor. These blades are responsible for slicing away your hair during the shaving process. The problem lies in that they also slice away at your sensitive skin.

Always Use Quality Shaving Cream

Razor burn may not be a life-threatening predicament, but it affects your overall quality of life. It's time-consuming to get rid of razor burn. Plus, it makes other areas of your face susceptible to touch. That's why you should never skimp on shaving cream.

When selecting a shaving cream, choose one free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals. Many of these chemicals are added to shaving creams to help preserve the product. Unfortunately, they can disrupt your sensitive skin and cause further irritation.

Avoid shaving products that are scented. If you choose a scented product, choose one containing essential oils.

Shave with the Grain When Possible

When you shave, you're supposed to shave with the grain of your facial hair. If you're unsure of which way the grain is going, then let a few days grow out on your face. This way, you can get a pretty good idea of the proper direction to shave.

Then shave in the opposite direction. This tip is essential if you have susceptible skin. Shaving against the grain will only cause more irritation.

Moisturize After Shaving

Keep in mind that dry skin is more sensitive to irritation and burning. For this reason, it's the perfect opportunity to moisturize since your skin is fully exposed. Always keep a moisturizer on hand so you can apply it to your skin after you finish shaving. Keep in mind that dry skin is more sensitive to irritation and burning.


Practice these tips, and you're sure to discover that shaving is a much more tolerable process for your sensitive skin. Just make sure that you’re using the right products to give you a smooth and comfortable shave.

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