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How to Shape and Maintain the Perfect Chinstrap Beard

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Are you trying to grow a chinstrap beard? It can be hard to pull it off correctly. Do it wrong, and people might mistake you for wearing a bicycle helmet. Do it right, and you'll look sleek, stylish, and incredibly manly. If you are unsure as to what a chinstrap beard is, it is a short and thin line of facial hair that follows the outside edges of your jawline and face. There's no mustache here. If you've seen a picture of Abe Lincoln, you've seen a chinstrap beard, albeit the chin portion is much thicker.

That said if you are here today looking to understand how you can shape and maintain the perfect chinstrap beard. You're in luck. We're going to tell you exactly how to enjoy a chinstrap beard, along with how you can maintain it.

How to Shape a Chinstrap Beard

To start, you need to make sure that your beard is thoroughly cleaned and dry. This way, your beard is easier to work with, and you know the length of your hair when it is dry. Just make sure that the beard is around 1cm long. If it isn't, then let it grow longer.

When the beard is ready, trim the beard with a trimmer length setting to around three to five millimetres. Don't go beyond 5 millimeters. Once that is done, you can take out your precision trimmer and start outlining the beard, creating a one to a two-centimeter-wide strip of beard. You can start with two centimeters first, then go lower, just because you can always take away but not add.

Once you've cut it to the desired width, start to shave your neck and cheeks. Be careful not to cut into the chinstrap beard accidentally. Otherwise, you'll like you're wearing an uneven chinstrap.

In the case that you are using an electric shaver up to this point, we highly recommend opting for a razor instead. It is far more precise, giving you the control needed for shaving excess beard, giving your chinstrap beard a nice, clean look.

How to Maintain a Chinstrap Beard

With the chinstrap beard painstakingly created from your beard, now you need to know how to maintain it. Maintenance is vital here simply because it requires clean and tight lines to look great. When things start to grow out, you need to get to work immediately. As such, expect to be shaving at least every other day to keep your chinstrap beard good-looking.

Now, when it comes to maintenance, you need to make sure that the neck and jawline are appropriately sculpted. You also need to maintain the length of the beard with a beard trimmer to ensure it doesn't grow out too much. Also, for the sides of the chin, add a fade to it. The sides will generally be shorter than the beard on the chin, giving a seamless and sleek look.


A chinstrap beard looks incredibly great, especially on the suitable face shapes. If you're looking to experiment with the beard, we highly recommend following our quick and easy instructions. This way, you can enjoy the best that chinstraps beard has to offer, allowing you to look sleek, stylish, and manly every time you step out of the house. That said, you will need to give your beard all the care if you want any hopes of it looking good. As such, invest in quality products and carefully spend the time caring for them. It'll repay you with handsome looks, boosting your self-confidence and looks.

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