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Thinking of Shaving Your Beard? Here are 5 Reasons You Should

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Don't worry if you're contemplating whether or not you should shave your beard—you're not alone. A man's beard isn't easy to get rid of, especially if he's spent months or years growing it out.

Men grow beards for various reasons, including protecting their faces, improving their looks, and enhancing their confidence. You may, however, need to let it go at some point. Here are some instances where you might need to grab that razor.

You Are Looking For a New Job

Job interviews are all about making an excellent first impression, and how you appear has a big part to play in that. Recruiters are more inclined to hire a clean-shaven male than one with facial hair, according to many studies. If you are unsure, you may always verify the company's dress code and rules before applying. If you've had your beard for less than a month, it's worth shaving. If anything, once you start working for the firm, you may easily grow it back.

The Season's Getting Warmer

During the winter months, a beard may keep your face warm. Consider it a scarf that you wear around your chin and neck all the time. In the summer, though, a fuller beard will not feel nearly as pleasant. You'll have to find other methods to compensate and remain cool, but maybe that's a price you're willing to pay to maintain your appearance all year.

You Have a Hard Time Maintaining It

The only thing worse than having no beard is an untidy one. As your facial hair grows out, the list of products you'll need to maintain it will grow as well. Not to mention the amount of time you should invest. You'll need to trim your beard like you would a regular haircut and buy the proper tools to keep your facial hair in good shape. Beard oil, wax, conditioners, shampoos, brushes, and combs are among them. If you don't want to put in the necessary effort to grow and maintain a healthy beard, a clean-shaven appearance may be best for now.

You Have a Patchy Beard

It's preferable to have no beard than a patchy beard. Your androgens, or the hormones that control the growth of your facial hair, are to blame for beard patchiness and lack of growth. In a nutshell, a patchy beard might indicate that your body isn't creating enough of the enzymes needed to help you develop a thick beard. No, it's not an indication of sickness or abnormality; it's simply a result of the way your body works. You may try dye to make it look fuller, but if nothing appears to improve your facial hair, a shave may be the best option.

You Have an Important Event Coming Up

As established earlier, the way you look, including your beard, will leave a lasting first impression. So, whether you're going on a first date, to a court appointment, or to attend an important business conference or social event, it's advisable to tidy up your appearance. 


Whatever the cause, it's occasionally necessary to shave your beard. It's a lot like getting a haircut—there's a good possibility that it's what you want if you're attempting to come up with arguments to justify it. There's no shame in reverting to a hair-free face for now if you can't develop thick facial hair or aren't ready to deal with the care.

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