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Beginner’s Guide to Trimming Your Beard While Growing It Out

  • By - Sphinx Beard

Many of you may not know this but trimming is a vital part of beard care. Contrary to popular belief, most people with beards don’t just grow their beards out without trimming. For the most part, beards will need to be trim as they can often grow wild and unruly. If you’ve got little to no experience when it comes to trimming your beard, then we’ve got something that may be of help. If you want to learn more about how to trim your beard, read on for a beginner’s guide to trimming your beard.

Clean and Comb Your Beard

One simple way to improve the way you trim your beard is by doing it at the right time. Do not trim your beard when it is oily, covered in product, dirty, or wet. Only trim it after using a beard wash by allowing it to air-dry before combing it and trimming it evenly. This will get you close to the style you wear permanently, without product.

Use Scissors Instead of Clippers

The reason you do not compromise your beard’s length is that the goal of trimming isn't to make your beard shorter. When you're trimming your beard, all you're really doing is tidying up the parts that are getting too unruly. Instead of taking some clippers and navigating over every inch of your beard, you are going to trim the strays and fix anything that is out of place using beard or mustache scissors. This will ensure that it is manageable.

However, you’ll still need to use clippers. To maintain your beard, you need to keep the neckline and cheeks nice and clean using clippers. This is the most important way to keep your beard looking tidy as it grows. When you’re deciding on where to trim the neckline, put your index fingers above your Adam’s apple. Imagine a U-shaped curve that runs from behind each of your ears and down to the neckline. Everything below this imaginary line should be trimmed away. Everything above it stays.

Nourish Your Beard with Beard Care Products

When you decide to grow a beard, you have to make sure it looks good. You can grow it long, short, or medium-sized. Regardless of the length, you need to take care of your beard. This keeps it soft and pliable. It’s also healthy for you. You can use beard oil, which protects the skin beneath your beard and also conditions the hair itself. This works as a light-hold styling option, but if you prefer a stronger hold, try a taming balm. This combats frizz while helping to style your hair.

Snip Away at Parts That Need Tidying Up

The best way to tell if you still need to trim your beard is to style it, and you should be able to notice where it is long enough to trim. Take your scissors and trim at any strays. Even if they’ve made it this far into the regimen without getting noticed, they need to go if they refuse to be softened and styled. It's best not to overthink things when you're cleaning up your beard. If a part looks too long, then you should probably trim it down.


We hope this guide helps you improve the way you trim your beard. Considering how important proper trimming is, it’s crucial that you get this part right. Be sure to keep everything that you learned here in mind so that you can keep your beard looking nice and neat.

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