Hair and Health: Why Did Your Beard Suddenly Stop Growing?

  • By - Sphinx Beard

There are few things as satisfying as being able to grow out a luscious mane that perfectly hugs your face and frames it in the best way. After all, studies suggest that good beards make men appear more distinguished, attractive, and socially dominant.

At the very least, a well-grown beard will keep you nice and warm. So, if your beard growth falters or screeches to a sudden halt, it's natural to feel some concern.

Whether you haven't hit the length you want or you're just wondering why your beard won't grow anymore, there are a few common reasons you could face this conundrum.

Your Diet is Bad

Imagine your body as a system. If you deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to develop and sustain a healthy body, it will not be able to give you the results you're looking for.

You need to eat good food to help your body do its work and have the nutrients necessary for bountiful growth. Another thing to note is that if eating a diet that's high in sugar or processing and lacking in protein, your beard growth is likely to suffer.

You Have too Much Stress

If you're under a great deal of stress, it can take a toll on your body. One of the physical manifestations of excess stress hormones is the loss of hair. Even if your beard isn't necessarily falling off in clumps, it can hinder growth.

You Have Hit Your Terminal Length

The thing is that you can only get so long as a beard before it stops. It's called terminal length, and it's a natural part of the beard-growing process. Not everyone has the same terminal length, so it's not automatically a cause for concern if you've stopped at Nick Offerman levels and your buddy has been able to hit a Gandalf stride.

You Aren't Getting Enough Vitamins

Certain vitamins, such as B vitamins, are essential to the body's ability to grow hair. So if you aren't getting enough of what your body needs, it will have a hard time growing.

Aside from remedying this with how you eat, you may want to consider other lifestyle factors that could be affecting your health. A healthy body leads to healthier beard growth.

Your Hair is Damaged

Have you been using harsh chemicals on your beard? If so, those harsh chemicals are literally damaging your hair follicles, preventing them from growing.

Even just poor hygiene and habits can result in breakage, dry ends, and general damage that hurts growth. Good beard oil and better care habits will go a long way.

You Have a Condition Affecting Hair Growth

Though a lack of growth doesn't automatically mean you have a condition, it's still a possibility if you are spotting patches and significant bald spots. This type of hair loss or lack of growth is more particular than others and will require a doctor's consultation to get treated.


Hair growth can be a big thing for our self-confidence, image, and even wellbeing. With some beard pomade, better lifestyle habits, and a positive attitude, there's no reason you can't grow out the beard of your dreams.

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