Beard Care Essentials: An Overview of Moringa Oil's Benefits

  • By - Sphinx Beard

The average male has to deal with over 25,000 individual facial hairs, which grow half a millimeter every 24 hours. Keep in mind that this is just a tame estimate, not counting people who seem to be ‘bred for beard growth.’ Since facial hair has distinct properties, it’s necessary to care for them properly. Unfortunately, this leads to many growing pains, which can turn off people from growing a full beard.

It’s common for males to have difficulty dealing with their facial hair, even if they just plan to grow a light mustache or beard stubble. This is because freshly cut hair feels sharp and results in itchy beard hair. Because of this, many end up giving up growing a beard since this itchiness leads to different skin conditions, such as rashes and acne. Thankfully, this is precisely the reason for using various beard care products. 

Since different products will have varying effects, it’s important to choose the right product for you. One product you should add to your shopping list is moringa oil.

The Benefits of Moringa Oil

Using beard care products isn’t mandatory for most people, especially if they’re lucky enough to have thick and naturally moisturized skin. If you’re not a unique specimen like that, you’ll need different tools to ensure that your beard growth occurs naturally without damaging your skin and hair. This is why using moringa oil can be a great advantage.

In this article, we’ll share three benefits of using moringa oil.

Moringa Oil Adds Healthy Nutrients to Your Skin

Moringa oil is derived from the species of Moringa oleifera trees. It helps provide a natural cleansing and nourishing effect to your skin to restore nutrients. It does this by containing oleic acid that reinforces the skin’s natural barrier against different forms of pollution. This acid is naturally found in plant and vegetable oils with important anti-aging properties.

Moringa Oil Hydrates Your Skin

Developing skin conditions naturally follow for people with sensitive skin and prickly beards. Without the right beard care tools, a person can develop rashes and eczema. This is where moringa oil can help keep your skin fresh and healthy. Since it’s an emollient, it can seal in moisture and prevent your skin from drying out. Additionally, this oleic acid rehydrates your skin to prevent it from cracking and developing dandruff in your beard area.

Moringa Oil Is Compatible for All Skin Types

When shopping for beard care products, it’s important to check if some ingredients won’t sit well with your face. This isn’t just an issue of getting allergic reactions; it also pertains to your general discomfort wearing specific products. In the same way that people use particular shampoo and conditioning brands for their hair, beard hair also needs to match your facial hair’s preferences.

Thankfully, moringa oil is generally safe to use for all skin types. It’s even recommended for people who are prone to acne breakouts since it contains vitamin E, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, we at Sphinx Beard include it in our original blend of Smolder, containing moringa oil and other essential ingredients. This makes it the best beard oil solution you’ll need.


While the benefits above can seem inviting, it’s important to understand if moringa oil is right for you. Since multiple brands can use it as a base material with other ingredients, your face may react differently to its intended effects. For this reason, it’s necessary to try different options before fully committing to the beard oil that works on you best.

Your beard growing journey is unique, so you need to see for yourself which products will work for you. At Beard Sphinx, we offer the best beard oil products to level up your grooming routine! Check out our product catalog and order from us today!

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