How Beard Butter Can Help You Grow an Amazing Beard

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Having a majestic beard is a dream for any man. Unfortunately, beard growth predominantly depends on genetics. If you don't have the genes, you're going to have to wait for your facial hair to grow. However, you shouldn't lose hope because there are other ways for you to grow your beard. One such example is using beard butter.

Using beard butter is an excellent choice because it contains nutrients that will nourish your hair follicles, allowing them to produce more hair. It does this by increasing the blood flow to the follicles. This will encourage them to grow thicker and quicker.

In this article, we'll detail how beard butter can help you grow a beard. Read on below to get started.

More about Beard Butter

Beard butter is a facial hair growth product designed to promote healthy beard growth. It provides nutrients, vitamins, and moisturizers that will boost your beard's health, resulting in a stronger, thicker, and faster-growing beard.

Beard butter can be used on coarse, curly, and long facial hair, just like the hair on your head. Using beard butter can help promote hair growth in all three areas.

Beard butter is made up of a unique composition of oils, butters, and waxes that help nourish your facial hair, resulting in better beard growth.

What's in Beard Butter?

Beard butter is made up of various ingredients. One of the most critical ingredients in beard butter is beeswax. The wax acts as a preservative and prevents the butter from drying out. It gives the product a thick consistency and is essential in preventing mold.

Beard butter is often made up of several other ingredients, including:

  • Butters – Shea butter and cocoa butter are both commonly used.
  • Vitamins – Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B are common vitamin ingredients in beard butter. All three of these vitamins are essential for healthy hair growth.
  • Essential Oils – Some beard butter products contain essential oils, like tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus. These oils are beneficial for hair as well as for your skin.
  • Cholesterol – Moisturizes the skin and gives it a healthy glow.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil, like other oils, naturally moisturizes the skin and hair.
  • Sesame Oil – Sesame oil is usually used in beard butter for its anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Wildflower Honey – Because of the antibacterial properties honey has, many beard butter products contain it.

Applying Beard Butter

While beard butter is a convenient product, it does require a bit of a learning curve when it comes to applying it.

First, you should wash your face with natural soap. Next, pat your face dry with a clean towel. Using warm to hot water is recommended but can make it much more difficult for the butter to absorb into the skin. After patting your face dry, let your beard air dry for about 15-20 minutes. Next, use a beard comb and comb through your beard from the bottom up. This will allow the oil from the butter to get evenly distributed.

Apply the beard butter all over your beard, including the skin underneath, until it has a healthy sheen. Warm the product in your hands first and then apply to best distribute the butter.

Beard butter should be used at least once a day, and it's best to use it every time you shower.

The Benefits of Beard Butter

Apart from letting you grow a majestic beard, using beard butter yields the following benefits:

Decreases Itchiness

Beard butter can help you grow a healthy, thick beard. But it can also help you if you have a dry and itchy one. The beard butter can help decrease the itchiness you experience daily. It does this by providing you with the nutrients you need to grow a thicker, shinier beard.

Gives Your Skin a Healthy Glow

Beard butter contains coconut oil and shea butter that moisturizes your facial hair. This is beneficial for the growth of your beard hair. It also promotes healthier skin and helps to fight off breakouts.

Provides Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Beard butter contains ingredients like coconut oil and sesame oil, which have anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients help to combat inflammation and swelling in the skin. This, in turn, helps to relieve itchiness and irritation.

Moisturizes Your Skin

Beard butter is made up of natural ingredients that moisturize your skin, resulting in a healthier beard. Using beard butter will help return moisture to your skin and hair while encouraging growth.

Nourishes Your Skin

Unlike other products on the market, beard butter helps to nourish your skin while also nourishing your hair. This can help soothe your skin and heal any damaged skin cells.


If you want to grow a thicker and healthier beard, beard butter is recommended. You'll still need to let your beard grow out naturally, but using beard butter can help speed up the process.

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