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Beard Butter vs Beard Balm—Which One Is Better for You?

  • By - Sphinx Beard

When just getting into beard care, you might have heard many things relating to the proper care of beards. For example, some may tell you to use beard balm to maintain your beard, while others may say you are better off with beard butter. So, which one is better? Should you opt for beard balm or go for beard butter? The answer to this question isn't as clear and cut as you might think. Both are great at what they do, but it is vital to know the difference between the two products to know which one meets your need.

With that said, let us talk about beard balm and beard butter to understand their differences and know which one fits you best:

What Is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a combination of wax, butter, a carrier, and various essential oils to make a balm. This balm can be later melted down and placed on the palm of your hand while gently massaged into the beard and skin. The balm itself works by softening up the hairs and lubricating the skin. This protects both the skin and hair from any unnecessary damage. It also adds a hold much like how a wax or clay will do to hair, keeping the beard in check.

When it comes to daily use, beard balm is generally used on dry beard. This is essential because water can hamper the balm's ability to maintain the beard, and it is the go-to solution for many individuals who need to condition their beard before they quickly go out.

What Is Beard Butter? 

Beard butter is made out of butter like Shea, Almond, and even Hemp Seed butter. It is also mixed in with carrier oils and essential oils. Although this might sound a lot like beard balm, beard butter is a lot more different in terms of consistency. Rather than having a more solid feel, butter is much like cream due to it not having any wax. The butter itself works by conditioning both the skin and hair, being spreadable because of its more creamy texture. Compared to beard balm, however, beard butter won't offer much hold. 

In terms of use, beard butter is generally only used to lock in moisture on the beard after a shower to keep things from drying out. This makes it the go-to option for those looking for a quick way to moisturize their beard and skin to eliminate things like beard itch, dandruff, and more.

Which One Is Better for Me?

When it comes to picking one or the other, which option is better depends on what you want to achieve with either beard butter or balm. Both will provide some form of nourishing effect, but the most significant difference is their holding power. As such, when you pick one of the two options, consider how much hold you want your beard to have. With that said, you can use both if you wish to, although it is considered overkill. If you really want to use both products, apply the butter on your skin and then the balm on just the hairs. This way, you can enjoy the nourishing effect of the butter on the skin and still have the holding power of the balm to keep your beard in check!


Again, your final choice between beard butter or balm will highly depend on what you want out of it. If you want something that simply nourishes the hairs and skin, go butter. If you want something that allows you to style your beard further, go balm. Regardless, always be sure to purchase the butter or balm from reputable providers. This ensures that the product you have is perfectly safe for your skin and hair, keeping your face looking at its best!

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