Do You Really Need Aftershave for Your Hygiene Routine?

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Why is aftershave one of the more popular beard products for male hygiene? That’s because men apply this solution to prevent infection of minor nicks and cuts after they have finished shaving. It also may contain nourishing agents that restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

First, we’ll go through the different types of aftershave, including alcohol-based, oil-based, and balm-like substances, as well as any common ingredients found within each type. This is so you’re aware of what goes into these beard products, and you can choose the right one for your hygiene needs.

Aftershave Kinds

Aftershave comes in three types: balms, lotions, and splashes. We’ll get into each one and see how effective they are in your hygiene routine.

  • Balms: As far as beard products go, aftershave balms are a mainstay of the men’s grooming industry, widely considered an essential part of a man’s daily shaving regimen.  Men who use aftershave balms typically have sensitive, easily irritated skin and are looking for products that nourish and moisturize without irritating their skin further.  

A grooming industry favorite, aftershave balms appeal to many men thanks to their light fragrance and a range of consistencies, from lotion-like to thick-bodied creams.

Soothing and moisturizing, aftershave balms are ideal for men with skin conditions such as rosacea. Due to the light fragrance profiles of most aftershave balms, it can even be used in combination with cologne.

  • Lotions: Aftershave lotions may or may not contain astringent properties that make it difficult to classify the product into a single category. This aftershave product is thicker, allowing it to be applied more quickly than an aftershave splash. Many aftershave lotions have a milder scent than an aftershave splash, making them easier to pair with a cologne or body spray.

  • Splashes: Of most beard products, splashes are the most traditional aftershave types that contain an alcoholic disinfectant since their primary purpose is to treat the area after shaving. The strong alcohol content stings for a few seconds to a minute to treat nicks and cuts.

Aftershave splashes are widely available at most drug stores and can be purchased online and locally at drug stores. 

Lastly, these can also serve as a cologne when not in use.

Aftershave Ingredients

When choosing your beard products, you need to consider what goes into them to get the best care for your face. Some of the typical ingredients you can find in them can include:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol-based aftershave or beard products often use a type of ethanol that has been chemically modified to make it safe for the skin. The alcohol will sting for several minutes to protect against nicks and bruises when applied.

  • Natural Oils: These are classified as carrier, essential, or vitamin E oils. 

The first is derived primarily from seeds or nuts, has little or no fragrance, and contains moisturizing properties. 

The second emits a fragrance while also being effective against acne, dry skin, etc. 

The last may fight signs of aging and strengthen the skin due to its antioxidant properties.

  • Witch Hazel: Extracted from the leaf and bark of a shrub, witch hazel is a natural astringent that reduces inflammation in the skin. It’s often paired with other ingredients, including aloe vera and glycerin, to keep your skin from drying out. 

Unlike alcohol-based beard products, witch hazel aftershave won’t sting when applied to surface cuts or wounds.

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While you can live without aftershave, you cannot deny its effectiveness on overall hygiene. Not only does it refresh your facial hair, but the skin, too! With its inclusions of beneficial ingredients, it’s time to purchase aftershave right now! Just be sure to look at the elements to know which works for your face and skin.

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