Caribbean Island  Solid Fragrance

Caribbean Island Solid Fragrance

Sphinx Beard
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This is a solid fragrance. The same ingredients used in the Beard products have been incorporated into a non-greasy, beeswax-centric substance that can be applied to the skin to create a scent bubble and sillage that is just as performative as the oil, balm and butter. Put a can in your pocket and take it on the go! Perfect for air travel! 

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Beeswax and 25% Fragrance oil.

Caribbean Island, inspired by Creed's Virgin Island Water, opens the door to a beautiful tropical world filled with juicy, tart limes dusted with sugar, dripping in coconut milk, with just a touch of spicy rum to make this beach cocktail a perfect vacation for the senses!

Notes: Coconut, Lime, White Rum, Sugar Cane