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Executive Sweet Beard Butter

After using this product daily for a week I have come to like the light crisp scent & the condition of my beard has drastically improved. Now it is much softer & manageable without the wax of the balm that I stepped up from. Will consider buying again! (I would say will buy again, but Sphinx has soo many different scent profiles that I haven't settled on one yet & need to try them all!)

Great Scent

My #1 Go To…


Quality products for sure. Strong scent. For $50 this’ll last you a while. Scent is good but I wish I got something more woody than fresh and citrus. Smells like creed aventus.

Ancient Kingdom BEARD BUTTER

Love this stuff!!

Sphinx Ecstasy splash smells amazing, just like the shave soap! It soothes and hydrates skin as advertised! I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone, great job guys!

Smolder (Beard Balm) 2 OZ

Great shave soap

Great shave soap & the scent is wonderful!

A very clean fresh scent

This is the perfect scent if you like apples in general. Though called pineapple, the apple scent drives this oil and I think it is definitely worth its price.

It's awesome

I love the smell I'll be making future purchase

Oil and Butter of the Gods

The title is a little dramatic but it sounded catchy. I love the way the oil and the butter make my skin and beard feel. Afterwards I just feel refreshed. The scent is strong right of the bat. I would go with something a little more mellow next time.

Black Desert Solid Fragrance

Repeat BD Solid Fragrance customer. Have tried several other Sphinx solids and though I have enjoyed their respective scents, BD is my "Go To".

With all the various products I have tried, BD is yet another reason that my personal overall choice for beard as well as general grooming are the phenomenal products of Sphinx.
Side Note: I am not a paid spokesperson. Just one satisfied customer.

Smolder Solid Fragrance

Mohamed Dakhama
This is probably the best beard products brand out there.

I bought both Smolder and Curse Of Anubis not knowing what really to expect except what i saw mostly on youtube. But I am going ti give them this, they smell great, both of them. I am convinced that all of their products are worth trying and probably won't regret any.

This is probably the best beard products brand out there.

This is probably the best beard products brand out there. With the great variety of smells they provide one can really never go wrong with any of their products.

Octavian Balasa
Great product

It's great, I love it.
I will definitely buy more.
I recommend SphinxBeard 100% to who never tried it before.

Really nice

I really like the smell,really happy I tried the product will be getting more and I'll be trying other scents as well

La Fraicheur / Oil & Butter
John William graham
Love this stuff, love Creed Advantus

This beard and butter combo totally complement your Creed Advantus perfume. Wonderful smell. Bother the oil and the butter smell great. Sometimes just wear them to save on my 100ml bottle of Creed Advantus, when not doing much. Smells great!

A Nice Sweet Clean Smell

This is a nice office smell. It has a powder smell that reminds me of clean barbershop trip

Vanilla Tobacco

This is a very yummy scent. It reminds me of old gentleman's pipe. Very distinctive and distinguished

Why Nut
Very nice scent

Woody and very nice. Can get stronger as the day goes on. A clean manly scent.

Sample Pack (beard oil)

Sample Pack (beard oil)
Alexander Schlej

Sample Pack (beard oil)

Such and amazing product

I purchased this product as a gift to my boyfriend for his birthday. Its safe to say he truly loves it and so do I. He always gets compliments whether it from work mates to any one who get in close proximity. The smell last all day and there are various scent to choose from. Its been almost a year and he still has half the bottle full.

It feels quite luxurious so I would say its great for gifts, make someone feel very special.

Omar Perpall
It’s awsome

The scent is amazing my female loves it it turns her on anytime I put it on.. I have recommended this to all of my friends that have beards.. and I will continue ordering.. I would love if they came out with a leave in conditioner.

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