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Itching beard

Well it’s that time of year to grow a beard for hunting season. Every year I deal with itchy neck. A friend turned me on to your great product, and guess what? No itchy beard!!! Your oil rocks and the smells are amazing!

Spartan / Oil & Balm
Mickael EMKLI
Package lost

The item is lost in post system, I still haven't received the package

Just ok

just received my Smoulder beard balm yesterday, and while the packaging and (somewhat smashed box) were a nice presentation, the smell was almost nauseating and too strong for my taste and wasn't reminiscence of anything Oud at least in my book. I didn't get Oud, anything very sweet or Vanilla in the notes.

Beard oil

I'm very pleased with my oil samples. I especially like Authentic Oud,& New Kingdom!


Smells like an awesome cinnamon apple crumb desert!

My Wife's Favorite

This one is a good night-out scent and even a daily wear if you like smelling fresh! It smells sweet, kind of close to a quality cologne. The scent seems to last most of the day too which is a bonus!
My wife makes the ohhh ahhh emotions whenever I have this in my beard. It is intoxicating for her and she cant resist burying her face into my beard!

My only gripe now is my sample is out, and I need to buy the bigger bottle 😦

Caribbean Island / Oil & Butter

Great butter

Enjoyed the smoothness and the scent. Will be trying some of the other butter's in the near future.

Sample Pack (beard oil)
Antonio Tavares
Excellent sample pack

The 6 oil sample pack is amazing. Best presentation, amazing scents, and super affordable. Definitely a great place to start diving into the brand!

Sample Pack (beard oil)
Patrick Jackson

Sample Pack (beard oil)

Sample Pack (beard oil)
Anthony Puchoon
What in the awesomeness?

These scents are AMAZING!!! I do appreciate the options which can be a con because I want to try them all. Somber and la Fraicheur is the best


I got home from work to find my shoulder oil/ balm combo had been delivered. I could smell it before I even opened it! I couldn't resist, I put some on and I'm hooked. This is a fantastic product, smells great and I didn't have to use as much as I would with my current balm. Now I have to figure out what I'm trying next!

Caribbean Island
Nigel Hill

Has me feeling majestic and my lady friend can't get enough of the smell. It also catches the nose of others when you walk by.

Brilliant product

For those of us who love beards, these products are magnificent. After experimenting with a number of products over the years I've learned that many vendors cut corners by sacrificing quality for quantity. Not Sphinx. The quality is excellent. Thank you, Sphinx, your quality has earned a customer for life.

King Tut
Jason Webb
King Tut

I would say that if La Fraicheur and the Sphinx Signature had a baby, King Tut would be the result. The scent profile is excellent, as with all of the Sphinx Beard oils I've tried. Feels fantastic in the beard, non-greasy, and lasts all day. However, since everyone has different tastes in scent profiles, this for me is not a scent I'd buy again, solely because of it's similarity to La Fraicheur. To someone else reading this, King Tut could easily become your favorite. Sphinx is one of the TOP beard companies I buy oil from, the profiles are amazing, they last a long time, very potent, and their ingredients are all natural, and the very best:)

Jason W.

King Tut
Jaime T.
Smells like royalty

This thing smells amazing... Subtle but long lasting scent that amplifies when the wind hits it. My beard is soft thanks to this oil and butter. Sphinx is nailing these scents!!!

Best smell and beard feel

Not only does my beard smell better than ever, but if feels softer than it ever has. I got the sample beard oil pack and my girlfriend loves the smolder. I have tried lots of oils, and yes these are more expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Nathan Bell
Best Sent I've Tried!

I've been using the same company's beard products for a couple of years now. I decided, it's time to see what else is out there. I came across Sphinx and first bought the sample pack. all 6 we great but, Ecstasy was by far the best sent I've worn! I went back and ordered the oil and butter in Ecstasy! I love it! My wife loves it! So many complements every time I use it! Highly recommended!!

Love it!

I order this as a sample just to try it out. And man Oh Man...I LOVE this oil. I had NO doubt that I would like the oil...cause I have many products from Sphinx(they are my favorite company)...but I was concerned about the scent profile. Not any more! I LOVE IT! it's nice and smooth and makes you feel like you're on a nice sunny beach. And guys..women love it on you. I love it so much that I ordered the full size 1oz bottle. The thing that keeps me as a loyal customer with Sphinx is : 1) Customer Service...the BEST in the business 2) HIGH QUALITY products. Their oil and butter feels so GOOD in your beard that's it's mind blowing 3) Scent profile. With don't have to worry about the scent being gone after 2 hours....their scents last a good 8 hours or more.
4) Excellent selection of products to choose from 5) GREAT packaging.......they take their time to package your products and it shows.

I even put some of their butter on my arms, chest and elbows and man my skin immediately felt ever so soft. With don't have to wear cologne. Yes, their stuff is pricey....but you get what you pay for. It's not just's HIGH quality. Think of it this way..,you are getting two for the price of one...cause you don't have to over pay for cologne again.

Keep up the good work Sphinx and don't sell out to the BIG BOX stores and drop the quality for a profit like so may other...(not to mention names) have done.

Honey Tobacco
James Ludy
Nice stuff

It has a great smell it’s not strong and in your face. It’s-a good summer and fall scent. I will probably be buying the butter at some point.

Amazing sent!

Beard oil

Excellent quality from the packaging to the product ! Not only is the scent long lasting but the softness it provides is better than other oils I've used

Jeffrey Chapman

Great product, terrific scents.

Not what I was expecting

Love the quality but the scent doesn't match my skin chemistry. No worries because I am trying another scent from Sphinx!

Gabriel Galvez


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