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To intense

Delivery to Europe went smoothly and on time
Smolder Beard Oil and Butter are smelling nicely, as the comments on website are saying, but...the smell from both products is so intensive that I get headache every time I put it on myself, very very intense
I hope that I am isolated case

Ancient Kingdom
John Critser
Ancient Kingdom Review

One of the first ones I bought was the Black Desert, and Ancient Kingdom is a similar but more subtle scent, you can smell the Vanilla, Cinnamon and some kind of cool spice. It is one of my top 10 beard oil scents that I've tried. I love the quality of this company which smells very Mediterranean.

oh man!

another excellent product. I’d have to describe the smell as if Willie Nelson brought a ton of weed to a biker rally. In a good way. lol.

King Tut
Robert Mcclain
King Tut! A royal cologne scent!

Sphinx beard oils are all terrific. King Tut smells great, like an expensive cologne, and my wife loves the scent. It leaves my beard soft with a fresh scent that lingers throughout the day but it’s not too overpowering. I will be buying this again!

Sample Pack (beard oil)
Christopher Henley
Great Offer!

Great! Glad that you offer this so I can sample before I commit!

Vanille Smoke
Super Dave
I Restocked.

Best Beard Products Hands Down. My Wife Can't Keep Her Hands Off Me.

La fraichuer Aftershave Splash

Great scents, great quality!

My sample pack was mostly a Creed and Tom Ford inspired selection and none of them disappointed. My beard felt soft and conditioned all evening. My fiancée complimented all of the scents, which is unusual because she usually doesn’t give any thought to stuff like that. I can’t wait to try the butters, which are more my jam than oils are!

Great experience

Great scents that last forever. I tried to change my order at the last second so they sent me a free cologne that I wanted after the order had already shipped. Awesome

Really good.

Not as good as Smoulder but has a very warm smell. The Carmel to me pops doesn’t last all day but a good 6 hours. Overall I would purchase again!


So far the best one I’ve tried. Tons of compliments of random strangers.

Beard oil samples.

I like the beard oil samples so much ,that I've ordered a second sample pack. I've purchased the best Oud scent I've tried. Authentic Oud. Great scent, & feel in beard!


I was looking for beard oils and balm to match my favourite scent, Black Afgano. Google revealed the answer: Curse of Anubis. The scent did not disappoint and got the thumbs up from wife and children. The only problem is the cost of shipping to New Zealand - I wish there was a local stockist!


Exceeded my expectations! I love this scent! It last all day! Without having to re-apply

Maudire / Oil & Balm
Justin Simmons

Love Sphinx scents best cologne scents out there. My only thoughts I believe they can improve on therr carrier blend doesnt word great for my beard still.good tho. But scents are top notch

Great scent, great soap

I bought this soap a year ago. And this review is for my friend I love it so much I bought as a Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁.


Bingo ! It has remained a sweet fruity cherry scent afetr shaving . Becoming my favorite ones !

Luscious Oud

This butter is smooth and feels amazing in beard! One warning is this is a suuuper strong scented butter

Good stuff

I liked 4 of the 6 choices I made.

Great fragrance and hold

One of the Best scents in the game hands down.

Derek Welch

Do see all the hype can’t stand the smell

Smolder / Oil & Butter
Gavin Alexander
Absolutely amazing

3rd order of the smolder oil and butter. Won't ever go back. Skin is itch free and smooth. Beard is silky and soft...and not to mention everyone loves the smell

The tabacconist butter

This is my favorite beard butter as far as smell and the way it leaves your beard feeling goes. I got the oil in this scent also and it's good, but the butter smells better. The scent lasts almost all day, and is money worth spent

Can't shave without it!

Ecstasy shave soap for Spring / Summer and Smolder for the Fall / Winter time. Sphinx shave soaps have a great scent and give me a close shave. My blade glides across my face without any worry of razor burn. This is a must have!

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